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Up Your Curb Appeal: 5 Trendy Landscaping Designs to Try in 2019


If you think investing in your landscaping designs in 2019 to increase curb appeal is a solid move you couldn’t be more right. Landscaping trends are proven to increase the value of your home. 

In some cases, the right projects can bring as much as a 1000 percent return.   

But make sure you aren’t wasting time and money on the wrong projects. Focus on this work and you’ll have buyers flocking to your listing. 

Fancy house with a pond in backyard

1. Water Features

Whether you have always wanted a swimming pool or have other ideas about using water, water features add life to your exterior space.  

Don’t feel like you need to spring for that inground pool though. Koi ponds, waterfalls, water fountains, and birdbaths all make use of water in creative ways. 

As with all aspects of landscape design make sure to consider maintenance before you start a project. You don’t want to scare buyers with heavy costs for upkeep. 

Vegetable garden

2. Eat Fresh

With the push for organic foods and healthy nutrition, it is no surprise that homeowners are investing in edible landscape trends. 

For those homeowners without a green thumb, landscaping with delicious plants doesn’t need to be intimidating. ‘

A fresh herb garden is a good way to increase curb appeal and make eating more enjoyable at the same time. 

Outdoor dining area

3. Outdoor Living 

Before you bring those fresh herbs and spices inside to your kitchen, think again. Many homeowners are opting to use their exteriors as an expanded and functional living space. 

You don’t need to pull out the old grill to entertain outdoors any longer. Opting to install a functional kitchen and bathroom makes your home much more attractive on the market. 

In addition, there are no limits to the custom designs and level of complexity. You can opt for a fire pit, a traditional cooking space, or some combination. 

See more great ideas for making the most of outdoor living. 

4. Love The Environment 

For some buyers, it isn’t enough to have a lush outdoor space. They want landscaping features that are eco-friendly. 

Traditional landscape plantings often require excessive water. New trends focus on a minimum environmental footprint without sacrificing beauty.

Outdoor lighting

5. Lighting

If you fail to highlight what is special about your home it may be the reason no one is buying.

And what better way to highlight that than by using lights to accent features of your exterior?

A lighting professional can help you install lights that accentuate features of your home’s architecture. You may also want to draw attention to trees, the front door, or other landscape installations. 

House with beautiful landscaping

Moving Beyond Landscaping Designs

The best landscaping trends are worth the investment when it comes to increasing the curb appeal of your home. You can entice buyers and command larger prices for your home with the right landscaping designs. 

But before you move into the improvement investments take a look around your home. There may be repairs that need to be made before you get ready to sell. 

Fixing small problems and handling water stains are just a few of the issues that need addressing. Come learn more about the repairs you should make before selling your home. 

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