Get Your Home Market Ready: How to Declutter a Cluttered Room Fast

Very clean and decluttered room

Did you know clean and tidy homes sell faster?

When potential buyers are viewing a house on the market, they want to envision their lives in the home. Cluttered spaces not only get in the way of their mental visualization process, but they also lower the property’s value.

As a seller, though, clearing out clutter is easier said than done. And you don’t have to suffer from a hoarding disorder to fill up your home with clutter.

Need a helping hand?

Read on for quick tips on how to declutter a cluttered room and make your property market ready.

Super clean room

Give Your Home a Thorough Clean

When do you last give your home a major clean? If it’s been a while, it’s likely dirt has accumulated in spaces you don’t use regularly, such as under the sinks and storage rooms.

As such, the first step to decluttering your home is to clean it up thoroughly. If it’s bigger than you can handle, ask a couple of friends to help or hire a home cleaning service.

Organize everything and keep it where it belongs

Keep Everything Where It Belongs

In the hustle and bustle of life, things move around the home without our notice. A cup in the bathroom, kids’ toys in the living room, fitness equipment in the hallway, shoes in the balcony… you catch our drift.

When items are not in their natural space, a home can look cluttered. This is why keeping everything where it belongs is one of the simplest decluttering hacks.

Kitchen with beautiful cabinets

Use Kitchen Cabinetry

Aha, the kitchen!

It’s the most important room in your home, which also means it sees a flurry of activity. This makes it vulnerable to clutter.

You probably have lots of utensils, appliances, and supplies you no longer need. Perhaps the reason you have left them there is you have nowhere to store them.

Well, there is a solution. Install more cabinetry!

But maybe you’re wondering, “Why should I spend money on cabinets yet I’m moving out?”

First, there are cost-effective cabinets that you can quickly assemble on your own – click here to see some examples. Second, kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen more appealing to potential buyers and add some value to your home.

You can also install cabinets in bathrooms and other spaces to create more up-the-wall storage space.   

Sell or donate your old stuff

Sale and/or Donate Stuff You Don’t Need

You’ve probably jumped on clearance deals before. Now it’s your time to offer a clear out sale!

If there are items you don’t need anymore and look like they can fetch some decent change, why not sell them? This is the perfect opportunity to leverage your neighborhood/family WhatsApp group and advertise your merchandise.

If selling doesn’t work for you or there are items nobody wants to buy, donate to charitable organizations near you. Or call a junk removal service.

Nice de-cluttered room

Cluttered Rooms Decluttered!

Selling a home can be a long, exhausting process.

While some of the reasons a property can sit on the market for months are beyond your control, others, such as cluttered rooms, can be of the seller’s making.

Lucky for you, we’ve shared a few decluttering tips to help you give you rooms a tidy and fresh look.

Keep tabs on our latest posts for more home selling insights.

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