Don’t Sell a Broken Home! The Most Crucial Home Repairs Before Selling

Installing new flooring

The housing market is expected to have more options for buyers in 2019. This is great for buyers because they’ll have a ton of more options when looking to buy a house. 

But what does this mean for sellers?

It means you’ll have more competition in the housing market. It means home sellers need to make necessary improvements so they can increase their home’s value and sell faster than other homes in the area.

Whether you choose one house repair or a complete home makeover, any updates will help your home sell for more and sell faster. Here are the most important home repairs you should do before selling.

Newly remodeled kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling

One of the most important parts of a home (if not the most important part) is the kitchen. If your kitchen has 20-year-old appliances and looks like it belongs in the 20th century, you’ll have a lot of trouble getting an offer that meets your goal.

You may feel hesitant to upgrade your kitchen appliances and countertops, but these upgrades will more than pay off when your house goes on the market. 

Newly upgraded bathroom

Bathroom Upgrades

If your shower looks old and grimy, and the countertops are destroyed from years of use, you should definitely consider getting a bathroom upgrade.

If buyers are impressed by your home and walk into an outdated, nasty looking bathroom, they’ll walk right out of your home without giving it a second thought. Don’t let that happen and spend the extra money you need to give your bathroom a makeover.

Red roof on house

Roof Repairs

First impressions are incredibly important when people come to look at your home. If they drive up and see your roof is a mess and falling apart, they’ll turn around and look elsewhere.

The outside of your house will give people either a positive or negative first impression, and that impression will be hard to shake. Make sure they’re impressed before even walking through the doors.

New flooring in a kitchen


If you have carpet flooring, consider upgrading the common area floors to a nice hardwood. This single upgrade can completely change the atmosphere of a home and make your home look much nicer. It’ll also warrant a higher asking price.

As for the bedrooms, carpet is just fine. But make sure those carpets are in good shape and clean before you have people come to look at your house.

Walls and ceiling

Walls and Ceiling 

There are a couple upgrades you should consider for your home. The first is paint. Are the paint colors on your walls in style right now? Are they from the 1980’s? 

Consider upgrading the wall paint to something that homebuyers will be excited about instead of keeping it as something a homebuyer would need to upgrade themselves. 

You should also consider adding insulation to your walls if you live in a colder climate. This addition can really get homebuyers excited about your house to where they’re willing to pay more. Check out this website for insulation foam.

Paint and tile selections

Use These House Repair Tips to Make More

If you use these house repair tips not only will your home sell faster, but you’ll make a ton of more money. The repairs and upgrades will more than pay for themselves.

Are you getting ready to move from your house? Use this guide to help make moving a breeze!

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