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Why Isn’t My House Selling? Here Are a Few Possible Reasons Why


Has your house been sitting on the market for too long? Do wonder if you’ll ever be able to sell it? Do you find yourself wondering, “Why isn’t my house selling, exactly?” 

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, don’t stress. There are some simple reasons and explanations for why your house has been sitting on the market.

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We have tons of information about why your house isn’t selling and some stellar tips on how to get it off the market quickly. Let’s get started!

Outdated house

It’s Outdated

The rate of home sales rose over eleven percent in February. So, why is your house not selling in a hot market?

One reason may be that it’s outdated. Take a look at the interior design of your home. Do any elements look like a blast from the past and not in an attractive, antique sort of way?

If so, it’s time to give your house a makeover. Buyers like a timeless or modern look, not an outdated one.


Your Listing Photos Are Lacking

Just like a dating website, if your photos aren’t attractive, you won’t make a match. Scroll through the photos you’re currently displaying online.

Are they crystal clear? Is the lighting good? Do they show off everything that your house has to offer?

If there’s room for improvement, it’s time to take new photos.

Need some inspiration? Enter “houses sold near me 2019” into your preferred search engine. Check out the listing photos to see what successfully attracts potential buyers. 

Couple talking to realtor

You Have the Wrong Agent

If you have a listing agent and you’re still wondering, “Why is my house not selling?” you may be working with the wrong person. A great agent will work with you until they find the perfect buyer for your home.

If you feel like your listing agent isn’t working for you, it’s time to search for another option. Here are some traits to look for in a listing agent:

  • Great communication
  • Tons of experience
  • Different prospecting methods
  • Vast market knowledge
  • Integrity and honesty
  • A big network
  • An engaging personality
  • A true interest in real estate

If you can find a listing agent who possesses these qualities, you’re on the fast track to success!

Curb appeal

You Need to Boost Your Curb Appeal

It’s easy to focus on the inside of your house when you’re trying to sell. But the appearance of the outside of your home, also known as its curb appeal, is just as important.

To boost your curb appeal, work on landscaping the front of your home. Remove clutter, manicure your lawn, plant flowers, and make sure your front door is freshly painted. When potential buyers visit, they’ll instantly love what they see.

Hard to see house

Prospective Buyers Can’t See It

Take a moment to consider how convenient it is for prospective buyers to view your home. Can they drop by anytime, or are you restrictive when it comes to viewings? If you have a listing agent, do they accept and return calls quickly?

If prospective buyers have a hard time viewing your home, they’ll give up and move on to the next one. Don’t give them this option. Make sure that you provide a quick and easy way for people to look at your property.

Marketing plan

It’s Time to Improve Your Marketing Efforts

If your home’s not selling, your marketing efforts may be lacking. Try these marketing tactics to up your game:

  • Post attractive and attention-grabbing signage outside of your home
  • Create a virtual tour so people can walk through your home online
  • Post ads in newspapers (yes, people still read them!)
  • Host open houses with convenient hours
  • Give potential buyers who visit your home something to remember you by (a printed flyer, etc.)

Basically, you want your home marketed across as many platforms as possible. If people tell you that they’re seeing your home advertised everywhere, you’re doing something right!

And if you want to get really high-tech with your marketing efforts, check out some digital marketing tutorials. They’ll help you with social media marketing, web hosting, and more.

Woman making renovations

You Need to Make Renovations

It may seem silly to renovate your house right before selling it. But you may not be able to sell it unless you do.

Most people are looking for new homes that don’t need a ton of work. Investing the money to make sure your home is ready to sell is worth it. If there are any parts of your home that are begging for renovation, hire a local contractor to get the job done.

House not priced to sell

It’s Not Priced to Sell

Everyone wants to sell their home for a great price. But if your house is not selling, you may have to adjust your mindset on this one.

If your home has any issues or needs any work, buyers will expect a cheaper price. Get realistic about your home’s worth and reassess your listing price.

A competitive price will make your property stand out from the crowd. It will also prevent the price from dropping gradually, making your house look less attractive to potential buyers over time.

Female real estate agent

Need to Explore Simpler Selling Options?

Sometimes, you just don’t have the time to make renovations, hire an agent, market your property, and wait for it to sell. And that’s okay.

If you’re looking for a simpler route, check out companies will purchase your home for cash. But as We Buy Any House points out, this industry is rife with scams. So, do your research to find a reputable company.

Man wondering why his house isn't selling

Stop Wondering “Why Isn’t My House Selling?”

The next time you find yourself wondering, “Why isn’t my house selling?” just remember, there may be many reasons. Use the guide above to figure out what isn’t working for you.

For the best results, rethink your listing price to make sure it reflects the true value of your home. Complete some simple renovations to improve the appearance of your home and revamp your marketing efforts. Hire a listing agent for help, but make sure they’re a good match for you.

Want to read more about real estate tips and tricks? Check out our blog for tons of useful information.

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