More Bang for Your Buck: 10 of the Best Home Improvements to Boost Your Resale Value

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As the massive DIY market heads toward the $14 billion mark, there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. If you’re looking at the best home improvements for resale, you’ll find that there is a lot of potential to be gained from making small changes. Home upgrades don’t always have to be bigger to be better if they improve the character and the feeling of your space.

Here are just some of things you should think about when it’s time to upgrade your home.

Go small and see results

Go Small and See Results

At the end of the day, small results can make more of a difference than you might give them credit for. IF you’re thinking you need to grab a sledgehammer and start knocking down walls, you might be surprised in what you can do to without upsetting anything. A little bit of change to your home decor can make a massive difference in making your home more valuable.

Make a couple of lists of changes that you want to make. Even if you’re going to sell your home later, the photos of your decor are going to help you sell your home. So have a list of things that you can replace on your own and things that would need you to grab a hammer or a wrench to fix.

Changing your landscaping a little bit can ensure that you look good from outside. When you repaint walls, replace furniture with new items, and change out some of the fixtures on doors or faucets, you can show a really major difference to buyers. What once looked lived in and a little bit worn can now look fresh and new, where potential buyers can imagine moving there.

Clean house interior

A Clean House Always Sells Better

If you have a cluttered garage or a bunch of closets that are filled to the brim with junk, do some cleanup before you start looking to sell. When you have a home that’s sparkly and bright looking, it’s going to attract more people than a home that’s worn down and in need of a dusting.

Your potential buyers are going to want to snoop around your home. They’ll want to look behind doors, underneath sinks, and in every nook and cranny of your home. They’d be irresponsible not to look behind every corner for potential issues with your house.

As someone looking to sell a house, you should maintain a high standard for how you want the property to look. Despite what they’d like to say, people judge books by their cover and will certainly judge your house by its exterior. A house can never be too clean and tidy when it’s on the market, so pull out all the stops by cleaning it up.

Kitchen upgrades

Kitchen Upgrades Go Far

Talk to any real estate expert and they’ll tell you that the number one thing for you to try to upgrade to get a solid return is your kitchen. The money that you put into your kitchen is going to come back to you in a big way. Whether you repair, remodel, or do a few upgrades, you’re going to attract buyers.

Just changing the paint on your splash wall can make a big difference. If you’re willing to paint a faux wood finish on your cabinets, this could make them look clean and brand new. Even just taking a magic eraser to the walls could help to freshen things up.

Go with stainless steel if anything. If you’re looking to replace anything, from a sink to a refrigerator, stainless steel lasts longer, looks better, and goes with everything. Even a stainless steel countertop looks better than Formica or a veneer.

If you want to go with marble or something like it, you don’t have to break the bank. You could get composite or quartz and end up with the same impact as if you’d gotten a fresh block of marble. Solid stone is attractive and lasts a long time and homeowners know that.

Blue themed bathroom

Bathroom Repairs Are Vital

If you spend money in your bathroom, you’re doing anything but flushing your money down the drain. When someone comes in to look at your home, they’re going to look at your bathroom and your kitchen. If you upgrade either one of these, you’re going to attract buyers with something more memorable than the many homes they visit during their search.

Bathrooms are more than a utility closet for necessities these days. People try to inject some of the elements of an at-home spa into their bathroom, from good lighting to steam areas, to heated lamps and floors.

Go with granite or marble to keep things clean and fresh looking. Granite is cheaper than marble and you can ensure that you have something that matches your bathroom decor. Darker stone also looks less dirty than a lighter colored stone can.

With the kind of return you can get from investing in your bath area, spend it on a new shower, a tub with jets, or a place to sit and enjoy a spritz. Every time you go into your bathroom, you’ll feel like you’re in a comfortable place where you can relax. Make sure you clean it up each time you have someone coming to look so that it looks shiny and new.

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Dining room

The Best Home Improvements For Resale Are Up To You

Ultimately, the best home improvements for resale are going to be determined by your market. Every market is different and the home improvements that people look for vary as each market demands.

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