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How Big of a House Do I Need? Figuring Out the Size of Your Dream Home

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Between 2012 and 2013, 28 million Americans moved houses.

While the decision to move is never an easy one, it reasonable to have questions and concerns before packing up your belongings. Where do you want to move and why? How difficult will the move be? How big of a house do I need? 

Let’s explore these questions to help you make house hunting and your move as easy as possible!

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How Big of A House Do I Need?

Choosing a home can be overwhelming. Keep these key ideas in mind when house shopping to narrow down how big of a house you should buy.

Asses Your Needs

Take inventory of what you think you’ll need. How many family members do you have? Do you often have visitors or enjoy hosting parties and get-togethers? Is there enough space for your pets? 

Understanding all these things helps to formulate an idea of a type of layout you’re looking for and the space you’ll need. Be sure to make a list of all your priorities, but don’t overdo it. Having too great of a list will make your house hunt frustrating.

Go (Slightly) Bigger

For as large as a purchase as a home is, in this case, it’s might be better to go a little bigger than to meet your space criteria exactly. A house isn’t something you can return for a bigger one; seeking out a bit more space than planned might do you well. 

The square footage of a home could be misleading. A large number doesn’t necessarily equal usable space; it’s the layout that makes the difference. 

Think About the Future

When asking yourself, “What size house do I need?” consider where you will be in 5 years. Will you plan to stay in this home forever, or is it home to hold you over? Asking yourself these questions will quickly weed out contenders. 

If you’re thinking about upsizing, this website will help you walk through the steps if you need more space.

Looking for Land? 

Having land is a hot commodity for some buyers. Maybe you have kids or pets who could use extra outside space or are looking to utilize it differently. 

Flat land is best because it’s the most malleable and usable. Gardens, playgrounds, pools, fences, and so forth are all easier when the area is level. 

Stick to Your Budget

Even though millennials are splurging on homes, financial experts recommend that you don’t exceed 25%-35% of your gross income. Budgeting correctly for a house, and even shopping for homes in the lower part of your budget keeps you realistic and won’t hurt you financially. When you purchase a home that blows your budget, it causes many financial headaches and stresses in your life. 

The price of the home isn’t the only thing to consider. Other utilities will factor into your budget as well that corresponds to the space of your home. 

Spacious home interior

Ready to Buy A New Home?

House hunting should be an exciting and rewarding experience. When you’re thinking, “How big of a house do I need?” ask yourself these questions first.

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