10 Front-of-House Landscaping Tips to Help You Sell Your House Fast

House with landscaping

Did you know landscaping can add thousands of dollars to a home’s value?

It’s no wonder that more homeowners are looking into ways to freshen up their landscape in time for spring. There’s no doubt that improving your home’s curb appeal adds to its value and helps to get it sold quicker.

Keep reading to learn these front of house landscaping tips.


10 Front of House Landscaping Tips to Help You Sell Your House Fast

Before throwing things together to freshen up your landscape come up with a plan to make sure everything you want to do comes together nicely. Creating a plan will avoid a mess for your front of house landscaping. When a buyer comes to look at your home and finds a picture-perfect landscape they are more likely to buy and get more excited to look at the inside of the home.

1. Clutter Free

As part of the landscape facelift to get your home sold quicker clear the clutter. You want the entire house including your landscape to be clutter free. There should be no gardening tools in sight, unused flower pots, too many garden decorations that make it look like a cluttered garden vs a neat garden.

Re-evaluate every area of your landscape and get rid of anything that is making your landscape look like it has too much.

2. Flower Beds

You can add flower beds to give the garden some color and fresh aroma. Almost any front yard will benefit from adding a flower bed or two. Potential buyers can admire the work you put into your flower beds and give them the impression that you took care of your property.

Every potential buyer wants to feel like the previous owner took pride in their home and put the effort in to maintain it.

3. Grass Lawn

Having dead grass in your front lawn will turn a potential buyer away or make your home seem like it’s not worth much. Investing in new sod will give your front lawn a facelift. This company is the place to call to help you pick the perfect type for your home and your budget.

Seating area

4. Seating Area

You can use stones or pavers to create a small seating area to give the feel an look of an outdoor escape. The seating area can have benches or chairs to give an area to sit down, lay down, read, or relax. The seating area can also be built near trees or tall plants or flowers to give that area a private feel.

Creating the perfect seating area will help your potential buyer envision themselves using the area themselves. If they can see themselves sitting there you have done a great job at setting up your landscape.

5. Trash Cans

The last thing people want to see when they come to buy a house are trash cans sitting in front of the house. If you move the trash cans to the side yard make sure that they’re not visible from the front. Find an area in the backyard or behind the home that you can keep the trash cans away from the front area.

Trees on path

6. Trees

Adding a tree in the right place if you don’t have any yet will add curb appeal to your home. It’s important to plant the tree in an area that the roots won’t affect the home in the future. To make sure you choose the right tree that won’t affect the sewer lines, house foundation, or driveway in the future talk to a professional before buying any tree you find.

7. Lighting

Adding some lights to walkways and focal points will give curb appeal at all times. If a potential buyer drives by at night time or when it’s dark they can still see certain areas of the landscape. You can place some lights alongside walkways and get creative with how they’re placed.

They don’t have to be placed in a straight line you can alternate sides of the walkway or path. You can also add lights to illuminate steps or you can change the lighting by the front door to something attractive.

Create walkways

8. Create Walkways

If you add a sitting area, a flower bed garden, and a fire pit to your landscape you can create walkways to connect them. This will look more attractive than high traffic use on trampled grass. There are many materials to choose from to create a walkway.

You can choose from bricks, stepping stones, crushed stones to name a few. Take a trip to your local garden center and pick what’s best for the look you’re going for and for your budget. 

9. Mailbox

One of the first things that people see as they approach a home is a mailbox if there’s one there. If your mailbox is front and center as people are pulling into your driveway you want to make sure it looks up to date and clean. If it’s rusty it might be time to either paint it or upgrade it. 

If there are any trees or weeds growing around the mailbox trim them down or remove them to not block the mailbox area.

Beautiful front door

10. Front Door

The front door is part of your landscape because it ties in the outside area with the inside. When people look at the front door it sets them up for the look and feel to expect when they walk inside your home. You can choose from an eye-catchy color, a welcoming soft colors, a vintage door a rustic wood or many more.

You can either paint the door or change it out for a new one. This depends on the condition of the door and your budget.

Yard makeover

Have Fun Giving Your Landscape a Makeover

Now that you have read the 10 front of house landscaping tips above you can have fun creating a plan and making it come to life. Your potential buyers will appreciate your hard work.  

If you want tips on setting up the inside of your home for selling success check out this post.

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