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Real Estate and Neighborhood Farming Your Brand with Facebook

Farming Facebook

With more than 1.79 billion users all over the world, there’s a good chance that the target market for any kind of company can be located on Facebook. That’s wonderful in principle, yet in reality, it’s about as valuable as stating, “There are fish in the sea.”

Marketing professionals have to know ways to fish for their target audiences when utilizing Facebook to promote content, occasions, sales, and more.

Fortunately for real estate professionals, Facebook makes it easy for page administrators to find as well as target specific audiences once they start using paid web content. However, this system can be very intricate and laser focused when applied properly.

For example, the better real estate marketers comprehend Facebook’s marketing environment and also the system, the better the outcomes of future projects. There are three core aspects for real estate agent should apply and these include; targeting ‘Buyer Behaviors’, ‘Locations’ to market his or her brand at a fraction of the price physical mail costs today, and ‘Retargeting’ to keep yourself always on the top of mind for anyone who has visited your website or Facebook page.

Use Behavior Options to Zero in Likely Engagers

Due to the nature of the platform, Facebook is very good at identifying people’s interests however much less proficient at identifying their behavior patterns.

To fix this drawback, Facebook gets a trove of behavior data from their third-party companions, which marketers could utilize to cast their lure where the fish are biting.

For example, apparel retailers could target users based on the sort of clothing they purchase. Similarly, real estate agents could locate people that plan on relocating or find people who are likely to move or sell their home.

For any kind of marketing campaign goal, there is a behavior that correlates to it you could include in your targeting. There are some limitations to the effectiveness and also precision of the behavior data, but it’s definitely something marketers should utilize within any Facebook AD campaigns.


Targeting by Location

Facebook has numerous alternatives for targeting users by location. These attributes are essential for neighborhood online marketers.

The easiest method to consist of location in targeting is to pick a particular city or state for the advertisement to run in. This is targeted sufficient for many marketers, yet Facebook has made the system also better by introducing Local Awareness Ads previously this year.

These advertisements can be targeted with a particular radius around an address. Neighborhood farming through typing in an address, subdivision, and even a zip code is allowable measures a marketer can take. For example, in my hometown I may type in ‘Prescott Lakes’ and get a nice radius around the main street of this subdivision to offer potential home sellers incentives to list his or her home with me.

Being able to apply buying behaviors like ‘Likely to Move’ with location attributes and neighborhoods can be a powerful combination with proper advertising.


Understanding how to apply Facebooks pixel code and properly use retargeting techniques is key to a successful agents advertising campaign. Pixel code from Facebook will enable you to place a ‘cookie’ on anyone’s computer who has visited your website or clicked on your Facebook Ad (video, Facebook Page, landing page, etc.).

This then allows you to keep targeting and showing up on this person’s computer as a reminder of ‘Their Local Realtor’ or ‘Neighborhood Specialist’. How powerful is this? Staying on the top of a person’s mind who already expressed some form of interest…

Facebook may be a vast sea of people, yet that doesn’t indicate that marketers have to search the waters thoughtlessly.

Making use of these advanced ideas for target market makes it feasible to obtain ads before the right people. And when the right people see the appropriate message at the right time, then marketing is usually effective. Make use of these sophisticated strategies when target market on Facebook, as well as you can land the big fish.

Hello, my name is Donny Karcie, I'm a third generation Realtor who was born and raised here in Prescott, AZ. I have two children I spend most of my free time with. I started my real estate career 12 years ago while attending Yavapai College before moving on to ASU and University of Phoenix where I earned my MBA and a Masters in Psychology. I specialize in helping people market, negotiate, and sell their property for the highest price possible and in the most efficient manner.

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