How Important is Staging for Selling Your Home? (Hint: Very Important)


When it comes to real estate, there are only two things that are important: selling quickly and selling high. This is why many sellers will invest in staging. To learn more about staging and why it’s so important for the selling process, you’ll definitely want to read this article.

Online real estate sites receive nearly 1 billion views every month. If you are selling your home, you want to take advantage of this web traffic to draw interested buyers to your home listing.

However, pictures of your cluttered bathroom sink and mismatched living room furniture won’t cut it. If the visual appearance of each room isn’t carefully planned, your home will continue to sit on the market.

Home staging is one of the most powerful ways to attract prospective buyers to your property and sell without delay.

What is Home Staging?

What Is Home Staging?

Staging your home is the process of making each room look as welcoming and attractive as possible.

The goal is to “hook” buyers and support a faster and more profitable sale. Common elements of staging include lights, plants, rug, wall hangings, and furniture.

Staging is more than just cleaning your counters and keeping dirty laundry out of site. It’s an artistic strategy. When your home is staged properly, it helps potential buyers walk inside and think, “Yes, I could live here!”.

Staging Sets Your Home Apart From Others Online

Staging Sets Your Home Apart From Others Online

Whether you are staging an empty house or a full family home, it will set your home apart from others in the world of online listings.

Your home stands against new construction properties and other beautiful homes in your local community. This means you need to make sure your home stands apart from others in the minds of potential buyers.

Photographs of a carefully staged home attract the attention of buyers as they browse listings. If your listing pictures of a staged living room and master bedroom, a buyer is more likely to click on your listing than a similarly priced home with average pictures that lack staging.

Staging Helps Potential Buyers Imagine the Possibilities

Staging Helps Potential Buyers Imagine the Possibilities

Staging isn’t just about appearances. It’s also about the psychology of your buyers. Nearly 80 percent of buyers’ agents believe that staging a home makes it easier for buyers to imagine the property as their own.

This is important because buyers are more likely to make an offer when they feel a close connection to the property. Buyer can only feel that connection with staging feels welcoming and looks attractive.

Experienced real estate agents recommend the following staging tricks:

  • Replace family photographs with general and relatable pictures
  • Remove anything that doesn’t fit a room’s purpose
  • If something is distracting or disruptive, remove it
  • Use neutral colors

Staging Highlights Your Home’s Best Features

More than six million homes are sold in America every year. You home isn’t one in a million; it’s one in six million, so you need to show off your best features in order to stand out.

Making high-value home improvements isn’t the only ways to highlight your home’s best features. Staging the main rooms of your home will also show buyers why your home is worth consideration.

Take the example of an empty dining room with beautiful floor to ceiling windows. The room’s beauty is diminished when it is empty. On the other hand, the dining room’s best features are emphasized and defined when staged with a chandelier, long oak table, cloth-covered chairs, and mirror.

Staging Helps Your Home Sell Now

Staging Helps Your Home Sell Now

It is every home seller’s nightmare to have a property sit on the market for three, six, or nine months. Staging your home is a valuable tool because it accelerates the sale process.

Professional staging makes your home look attractive and move-in ready. Buyers are more likely to make a fair offer to claim your home before another couple gets the chance.

Tips to Stage Your Home

Tips to Stage Your Home

Use a combination of the following home staging techniques to reduce the time it takes to sell your home.

  1. Arrange simple pieces of furniture into an attractive grouping
  2. Use soft fabrics like silk and satin as focal points
  3. Display decor items in groups of one, three, or five
  4. Use simple lines to design window coverings
  5. Keep bookcases, fireplace mantels, and shelving sparse with unique elements to draw the eye’s attention
  6. Incorporate accessories like ottomans, pillows, baskets, throw rugs, and plants
  7. Don’t forget the yard! Use potted flowers and bright colors on the porch or deck

Home staging is a blend of art and science. It isn’t enough to put a few flower vases on the kitchen table and fluff your throw pillows.

You can try to stage your home alone, but you will have more luck working with a professional. The best way to stage your home involves researching home staging companies to find an expert who will transform your home into a buyer’s dream.

The Cost of Staging Your Home

The Cost of Staging Your Home

Curious about the costs of staging a house? Just think of it this way.

The money that you commit to staging will help your home sell an average of 73 percent faster than an unstaged home of equal value. A few hundred or thousands dollars up front can save you months of extra mortgage payments!

Trying to stick to a budget? Your home staging professional can even provide a list of staging suggestions and let you select the changes that fit your needs and wallet. You can also choose to stage only the main rooms of your home.

Staging, The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

You’ll enjoy the very best results when you work with the regional agents from this company who are committed to obtaining the best return for your property.

For more tips about enhancing your sales process and making the most money from your sale, check out our blog now.

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