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From Networking to Interior Design: 5 Real Estate Agent Skills You Need for Success

Real estate agent skills

Being a real estate agent is about much more than closing deals. It’s about building relationships and knowing how to provide the best customer service possible. It requires you to have a knack for working with people and to know how to pay attention to detail, too. 

But, there are certain real estate agent skills that set you apart from the rest. If you’re looking to create a big jump in your real estate success this year, you need to work on the following five skills. 

Woman with persuasion skills

1. Persuasion 

Whether you’re working with buyers or sellers, you need to be able to persuade people. This is essential to making sure things go as your clients hope they will.

A bit of persuasion can be the difference between getting an interested buyer to make an offer for your client’s home or having them walk out. It’s a subtle skill that takes a lot of practice to get down.

Negotiating over a cup of coffee

2. Negotiation 

Persuasion is the art of planting an idea in someone’s mind and letting it grow. Negotiation is knowing how to approach a situation and take command in order for things to go your way. 

You’re going to be involved in a lot of back and forth discussions regarding sale prices, closing dates, and other contract details. Make sure you come out with the best possible results for your clients by improving how you negotiate.

Time management

3. Time Management 

This is one of the skills that many real estate agents overlook, but it makes a big difference. You can’t afford to show up late to client meetings or viewings with potential buyers. Whatever work-related event that’s on your calendar for the day, show up on time and stay focused on the matter at hand the entire time. 

Tech savviness is super important

4. Technological Savviness 

It may come as a surprise that you have to be tech-savvy as a real estate agent.

But, think about it! Between all the emails and calls you’re juggling, the client leads you have coming in, and the clients you’re currently working with, a bit of technological know-how can go a long way. This will change the way you handle your communications and lead generation strategy.

It will enhance your online presence and your customer experience, especially when you get into things like real estate market comparisons and home improvement plans. The right tools will make it super easy for your clients to learn more about everything from popular paint colors to real estate trends in the local area. 


5. Caring 

It doesn’t matter how well you know your stuff if you don’t care. This is the cherry on top of all the skills that successful real estate agents need. 

The best real estate agents are the ones who create genuine connections with their clients. These are the professionals who send handwritten cards on move-in day and who take their clients to lunch when they’ve spent the whole morning looking at houses. 

They’re the ones who are willing to go above and beyond to make every step of the home buying/selling process an enjoyable one.

Build your skills today

Start Building Your Real Estate Agent Skills Today

It’s one thing to understand what real estate agent skills you need to succeed and another to actually possess such talents. Not to mention, it’s always worth brushing up on the skills you already think you have.

Take the time to work on your skills a little bit every day. Before you know it, you’ll be a much better negotiator and a more personable agent, too. 

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