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[Infographic] The Best Times to Post on Social Media According to 16 Studies

Best Times to Post on Social Media

We recently stumbled upon this fantastic article from the CoShedule blog about the optimal times to post on social media.

Part of any good social media strategy is figuring out the best times to post.

You want to get your posts in front of as many followers as possible. If you post at non-optimal times of the day, especially on fast moving networks like Twitter, you run the risk of people missing your post.

This infographic collects the data from 16 different studies and presents the optimal posting times for each major social network.

Keep in mind though that this information is mainly for adults in the United States. If you’re somewhere like Europe a lot of this information probably still applies but it might be a bit different.

It’s always best to test out times yourself and check your analytics to see when you get the most engagement. Everyone’s audience is a little bit different.

Once you know your optimal post times it’s very easy to use a tool like Hootsuite to schedule the majority of your social media work.


Best Times to Post on Social Media

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