Tips for Buying or Selling a Home Equipped With a Propane Gas Tank

Selling a Home

Are you getting ready to buy or sell a home that has a propane tank? You aren’t alone, there are 48 million homes in America that use propane.

While you are preparing your home for sale by reducing clutter and adding lighting don’t forget to consider your propane gas tank. As the buyer, you need to decide if you even want to keep the tank.

We are here to help you think about the different aspects of selling or buying a home with a propane tank.

Maintenance History

Maintenance History

If you are selling your home gather up all of the information you have on the maintenance history for the tank. If you are on the buying side, ask the seller for a record of the maintenance history.

This helps to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to the condition of the tank. It also helps when factoring the propane tank into the cost of the home.

The seller removes it

The Seller Removes It

Most buyers will want to buy the home with the propane tank included. There is a rare chance where the new owners won’t want the tank.

As the buyer, you may want to upgrade the tank with a new provider. You can click here to learn about buying the right size tank for your new home.

If a buyer doesn’t want the propane tank, it is the seller’s responsibility to have the tank removed unless otherwise stipulated. As the seller, you don’t want this surprise expensive to arise after the fact.

As the buyer, you don’t want to end up with a tank you don’t want. Whether buying or selling it’s important you make informed decisions.

Education is important

Education Is Important

It is important to take the time to educate the buyer on the workings of the propane tank. As the new homeowner, you need to learn how the system works and any special instructions required.

Factor in the Cost of Filling the Tank

Factor in the Cost of Filling the Tank

As the seller, you can factor in the cost of filling the tank into your sale price. You have the right to recoup the cost of a full tank.

As the buyer, you should expect to have to pay for the propane in the tank. This is especially true if the seller recently had the tank filled.


Propane Gas Tank Prep

When buying or selling a home it is important to include the propane gas tank in the negotiations. The first conversation should be about the age and condition of the tank.

The second conversation should be about the buyer’s intended plans for the tank. This will let the seller know if they need to have the existing tank removed.

The third conversation should be after the papers get signed and the keys are getting handed over. The seller needs to educate the new owners on all safety procedures and special instructions for safe operation.

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