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5 House Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Prepare for Real Estate Photography

Cleaning Tips

In the United States, the average house takes 68 days to sell.

One of the main factors in a sale is the initial real estate photography. If you want your photographs to really show off your home, you need to make sure it’s looking clean and shiny.

Read on for 5 cleaning tips and tricks to get you ready for real estate photography.

Focus your efforts on the kitchen

1. Focus Your Efforts

The main focal points of a home are the kitchen, living room and master bedroom. These will be the most important pictures. Make sure to focus on these and give them a relaxing and homey feel.

You should remove items above kitchen cabinets. They can distract the eye from key features and areas. Give the surfaces a good scrub and don’t leave dirty dishes out!

Take down any drapes, blinds or curtains and clean them. Make sure windowsills and corners receive attention, as well the couch cushions.

De-clutter your space

2. Declutter And Depersonalize

A big reason for people moving is the lack of space in a current house. They feel like they have outgrown it. This means they are looking for a home that gives them more room to grow.

They want to see the condition of the house, which is more difficult when it full of your belongings. Keep surfaces as clear as possible and personal photos should go. A good tip to keep it homey but not cluttered is to pick 1-3 non-personal decorative items to display.

Remove carpet stains

3. Remove Stains

Nothing is more off-putting than stains and mold! Clean all carpets and rugs.

You can hire cleaning machines that come with upholstery attachments. Carpets with light soiling may only need vacuuming and spot treatment.

Mold is unattractive and difficult to remove but can be hazardous to health too. Mold will also stand out in photos. You want to scrub these areas with bleach.

For more widespread areas you will likely need mold remediation from a professional. Mold may hint at structural problems, so be sure to check your home.

Empty the trash

4. Remove Trash

This might seem obvious but worth noting as things do slip the mind. People don’t want to see your overflowing bins.

A good tip to avoid this embarrassing oversight is to stop using trash cans. Make use of that stockpile of grocery bags and hang one of the doors of high traffic rooms. You can do a quick sweep to grab, toss and go before your photographer arrives.

Wine in Living Room

5. Little Touches

Little touches to make your house look clean and presentable go a long way. Create intimate spaces and inviting sitting areas throughout your home.

Smooth out wrinkles in the comforter and make the bed to avoid looking messy. Put a bottle of wine and a couple of wine glasses out in the living room. In the kitchen, you can use a vase of flowers or fruit bowl to add freshness and color.

Clean Living Room

Home Cleaning Tips and Tricks

If you follow these simple cleaning tips and tricks you will be more than ready for your pictures. Your home will show off its full potential, and prospective buyers will be able to visualize themselves moving in.

Now you know how to prepare your home for your realtor photography, check out our tips on choosing the right realtor.

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