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HRANK: Your Guide to the World of Web Hosting

HRANK Review

Having a website which contains all the information your prospective customers or mere visitors might be interested in has become an essential part of running a business. You simply cannot afford to stay out of the global Internet-based competition, as it will invariably affect your company’s profitability and prevent it from gaining popularity.

However, establishing your own website is not a breeze: unless you delegate all the fuss associated with the process to someone else, you have to do some research and find the best hosting provider which would fit your website-to-be needs. This is when HRANK comes in handy.

What is HRANK?

HRANK is a hosting provider ranking system designed to help you decide which company providing shared hosting services is worth investing in. Its key priority is to make the information provided as objective and unbiased as possible, so there are no paid reviews.

The assessment is carried out using advanced technologies which enable HRANK to monitor a particular hosting provider’s performance. It provides accurate information and thus helps you determine whether the option you are considering is just the one you need, or looking for a better offer elsewhere is recommended.

How Does it Work

How does HRANK work?

HRANK’s rating system is based on a variety of data, which includes the provider’s server performance (its uptime and response for the previous 30 days), service affordability, history of business, its own website’s quality, and reputation (reviews available on the Internet are analyzed to find out what the provider’s customer support is like, etc.).

HRANK currently monitors over 300 hosting providers serving more than 50 million websites using around 40,000 shared servers. That’s a lot of data.

Using advanced software, HRANK gathers information about what is going on on servers that host more than 50 websites. Such an approach is used to cover the kind of servers that make up the overwhelming majority of shared servers, which tend to be crowded. Overpopulation is a common problem experienced by shared hosting servers, and by looking at how each of these providers manages to keep their systems running without causing any problems is definitely useful, as it helps to understand whether quality services can be expected.

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What does it cost?

HRANK is completely free to use. It aims to provide users with accurate information, and doing this for free is a priority. There are no hidden payments, search restrictions, or intrusive ads whatsoever. Everything available on comes free of charge.

Using HRANK on a Laptop

How do I use it?

All you have to do is to look through the list of hosting providers monitored and choose the one you like. You also can filter results here.

There is the overall rating which embraces all the aspects of provider performance. Besides, there are other data which you can use to find the kind of a hosting provider you need. For instance, if it is response that matters most, you can look for a company with the best result in terms of this parameter.

Keep in mind that all the data and rankings available are calculated using the data gathered during the previous 30 days, which means the rating always remains relevant and updated.

Using HRANK, you can be sure your website will be taken care of by one of the best industry players.

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