The Homebuyer’s Guide to The Pros and Cons of Prefabricated Homes

Prefabricated House

In your pursuit for finding a home, you need to consider factors such as price, durability and investment time. You can find thousands of residential properties advertised online.

However, only a few of these houses meet the definition of a good home.

Prefabricated homes are an ideal solution for potential homeowners like you. They are usually built in a factory-like setting and then transported to the construction site. The big question most owners like to ask is “what is a prefab home?”

Read on to find out whether modular homes are worth buying.

Living room in a prefabricated home

Advantages and Disadvantages of Prefabricated Homes

Unlike traditional homes, the manufactured parts of prefabricated houses are availed to the site when they need to be assembled. The pieces are usually mounted on permanent foundations by a builder after they reach the construction site.

The pros and cons of modular homes are discussed below in detail.


House construction

1. Shorter Construction Time

Modular homes are built in factories before being transported to the desired location. They also take a shorter time to make as compared to traditional houses.

You won’t have to worry about on-site delays since the built part are usually transported to the site as a whole.

You can consider buying a prefab house if you don’t want to wait longer to own a home.

2. Diverse Design Options

One misconception that homeowners have is that prefab houses look alike. The homes come in different designs to cater to the needs of a homeowner.

They differ in architectural detail, window style, and roofing style. You can even choose elements you want the builder to consider before buying a prefabricated house.

Prefab homes offer several customized features that you can consider when buying one. They include wood species, solid-surface countertops, and ceramic floors.

You may also customize them based on the plumbing fixtures, cabinet styles, and exterior finishes.

3. Cheap Alternative to Owning a Home

You get to save thousands of dollars when buying a prefab house. Factors such as short construction time, reduced on-site delays and diverse design options can help you save money.

For safety purposes, a contracted inspector performs inspections during each construction phase.

You have the choice to decide the cost of the specs and designs to be included in your home. Note that the initial price of a prefab home doesn’t involve duct, plumbing, and electrical work.

You may hire a contractor to install a basement or a septic system as you wish.

Aesthetic value

4. Higher Aesthetic Value

Prefabricated homes come with a small metal tag on the exterior sections. You can also find this metal tag in the bedroom closets or kitchen cabinets. The metal tags indicate the manufacturing date and other essential details about your home.

Prefab houses have a higher aesthetic appeal than traditional ones judging from their architectural features.

5. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is among the factors every homeowner should consider when buying a prefabricated house. Modular homes feature environmentally-friendly options for facilitating home activities.

Such options include well-ventilated walls, heat absorbent roofs, and solar heaters. They can help you save energy bills without compromising on your comfort.

6. Diverse Financing Options

With an impressive credit score, you can qualify for different home financing options.

Manufacturers also give potential homeowners like you better financing options to owning a prefab home. Their interest rates are more favorable than the ones for mortgage originators.

Consider choosing a financing option that’s affordable and more transparent.


1. Building Restrictions

One of the problems with modular homes is that they aren’t permitted in certain municipalities or neighborhoods. It would be best if you referred to your local building codes, which offer the guidelines on houses people should build.

Some societies perceive prefab houses as inferior products because they take a short time-frame to assemble.

Empty land

2. High Costs of Land

The monetary value of land keeps increasing in different parts of the world as people look for space to build houses. The price of buying a property can be costly when combined with that of buying a prefabricated home.

It would help if you also chose an area with proper sewer systems for drainage purposes.

3. More Sophisticated Mortgage Process

The process of buying a prefab house using a mortgage can be frustrating since it involves complicated steps. You’ll have to compensate the builder in full before your house is complete.

If you take a mortgage, the loan originator will only change the loan to a regular mortgage once your home is ready for inhabitation.

Take time researching different mortgage solutions for prefab houses.

4. Public Perception Issues

Your friends and family members may discourage you from buying a prefab house due to specific perceived quality issues.

Some modular homes may have low-quality components when compared to traditional ones. You may find it difficult to decide whether you want the house after gathering mixed reviews from your loved ones.

Consider seeking the help of an expert builder when choosing a modular home.

5. Resale Issues

Homeowners, builders, and real estate agents expect to get a great value from the resale of any home.

One of the problems with modular homes is that they may be difficult to sell if they previously had occupants. Potential buyers may ignore your property once they notice that it is a prefab house.

Enlisting the help of a proficient real estate agent can help you find potential homeowners that may be interested in your property.

New kitchen

Are Prefabricated Homes Suited for Your Needs?

Prefabricated homes are ideal for homeowners looking for housing options offering the best deal without compromising on quality. You may also consider buying a prefab house for its energy efficiency properties, aesthetic value, and low construction costs.

Modern houses are built by considering the diverse tastes and preferences of potential homeowners. The same principle applies to modular homes, which have a fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

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