Does Home Fencing Improve Resale Value? Here’s What the Pros Say

Fencing around a backyard

As a homeowner, making home improvements always brings to mind one question: How will this affect my resale value?

The same holds true with home fencing. It’s obviously an aesthetic improvement, not to mention that it offers privacy. But, on the other hand, some people enjoy an open yard and consider a fence to be obstructive.

So, how can you be sure you’ll see your return on investment when you sell after installing a fence? The truth of the matter is that you can’t. It’s a neutral improvement by Realty standards.

There are still some reasons that people value a fenced yard and may even pay more for it. It all depends on what type of fence it is and how well maintained it is. 

Here are some guidelines to consider when installing a fence around your home. 

Autumn fence

How Does Home Fencing Affect Resale Value?

The first thing to be aware of before you install a new fence is your dedicated property line. Building on your neighbor’s property only to find out later can cause quite a hassle for everybody involved. Head down to your local county assessor’s office and ask for a map of your property.

Now that you’re ready to install your new fence, let’s see benefits of building one.  

Curb Appeal

Some people appropriate small fences for front yards simply as a decorative statement. This may also be true of a white yard fence such as a picket fence. That’s because a simple boundary surrounding the border of your home does create a small sense of curb appeal.

It offers the notion of homeownership and can be taken as a simple gesture of security from the outside world.  

White picket fence


Of course, the best privacy fence around a backyard can prevent outsiders from seeing into your home. It also offers a more intimate backdrop for outdoor activities.

A privacy fence is one of the most popular types of fencing for backyards. They range in size from six to eight feet depending on what you’re trying to block out. You will find buyers that value their privacy also value your privacy fence. 


Especially if you have young children, a fence is the best way to enhance protection around your home so that they may play outdoors. Buyers with kids may also feel this way.

A fence also offers protection from city streets if you live in a suburban neighborhood. You can keep people from traversing on your lawn or throwing garbage in your yard.  

Cat and dog laying in the grass


A house with a fence is sure to attract buyers with pets, dogs especially. A recent survey indicates millennials factor their dogs in their home buying decisions. That’s not to mention all the other pet owners out there that want a secure barrier for their furry friends.  

The key to building a good fence for pets is to use the proper materials. We’ll touch more on that in a moment but generally, a privacy fence will do the trick and serve dual purposes.


You must consider the installation of your fence as a significant factor in your resale value. A DIY job may last a few years, but if not installed properly, a fence can quickly become an eyesore with more maintenance than it’s worth. Make sure to hire a professional contractor when building your fence to avoid headaches down the line.  

Fencing Materials

Buying fences may seem like the easy part. You should be careful to choose the proper materials according to what effect you’re trying to accomplish. Especially in harsh climates, some materials are better reserved over others. Read more here about why Trex fencing is the best option no matter where you live.

Otherwise, consider what you’re using the fence for and the type of maintenance you intend to perform. A vinyl fence is easy on the eyes and easy to take care of while a wrought iron fence is equally pleasing to look at but requires strict attention.

White fence around old house


Speaking of maintenance, perhaps you already have a fence installed and you’re wondering how it may improve your resale value if it has aged. The answer is to ensure that any maintenance is up to date including painting or staining, broken or loose boards, and missing pieces. You should also repair any latches, springs and other attachments on gates.

The idea is to make your fence appear fresh and new. If it’s beyond repair, the best bet is to tear it down. 

Home Style

A home’s fence should also represent the style of the home that it is built around. A Queen Victorian probably looks out of place with a simple privacy fence. Likewise, a standard track home doesn’t necessarily wear a wrought iron fence well, either. 

Neighborhood Trends

Keeping in mind that you should represent your home in your fencing, look at other homes in your neighborhood and see what types of fencing they are using. Better yet, take a virtual tour of homes that look like yours to get a good sense of the style they are using. 

If homes in your neighborhood are not using fencing, it’s probably a better idea not to build one yourself. It could not only look out of place, but it might cause ripples with your neighbors. 

Metal fence

Final Thoughts

The argument over whether home fencing will add value to your home is a timeless debate. But, what it really boils down to is a preference on the buyer’s end. 

Perhaps the best thing you can do if you have a fence around your yard is to the prepare the home for sale to entice buyers that would want a fence. These are the pet owners and parents we mentioned earlier. Make sure to include photos of the fence in your listing to weed out potential buyers that don’t want a fence.

If you found this post helpful, take a look at this article that details some additional tips for listing your home.

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