Marketing Might by Night: 5 Awesome Guerilla Marketing Ideas

Marketing at Night

Is your business thinking about using guerilla marketing?

That’s a great idea, and you’re not the only one who thinks that you should. Many businesses are picking up this marketing strategy.

Doing it right can bring you some serious revenue and make your marketing team look like superheroes.

But guerilla marketing isn’t all bananas and monkey-ing around (excuse the pun). In fact, it can be some serious work if you don’t know what you’re doing yet.

Lucky for you, this article is going to tell you some of the top guerilla marketing ideas out there. After reading, you should be ready to get started with some of your own!

Social Media on a phone

1. Social Media Campaigns

We get it. You’re tired of hearing about social media campaigns everywhere you go. From marketing conferences to coffee shop talks, people want to know how to use social media as a brand.

And they’re smart for that. Even though you may not know it, over half of all businesses say they post on social media at least once a day.

So that means it’s time to get with the majority and start doing it as well. Otherwise, you might fall behind.

Social media campaigns can be as simple as posting more in one day to as complex as a giveaway. It doesn’t have to be hard at all.

These social media campaigns are also low cost with high impact. Let’s say that your social media manager makes $30 an hour.

If a tweet reaches just 1,000 people and brings in three customers who spend $100, your ROI is close to $300. Tweets don’t take more than 5 minutes to craft!

Of course, these aren’t perfect numbers. But if you’re a small business, know that social media is one of the best marketing strategies when you have a low marketing budget.

Door and window graphics

2. Door and Window Graphics

Now that we’ve talked about a modern marketing strategy, let’s discuss door graphics. Even though it’s a classic, it’s still one of the most effective ones out there. 

Door graphics can be something that you or fans of your business can put on their home door. Although there won’t be many people outside of your business to put it on their home door, it can still be an effective tactic.

Why? Putting it on your business’s door along is an effective marketing strategy. Although people walking into your business will already know you, it looks professional. This will help them feel good using your services or products. 

Window graphics also serve a similar purpose. But more people might use your window graphics than door graphics.

Many people like to put window graphics on their cars. If you can make sure that they look good, you might just see your logo while you’re driving around town!

The people who take your window sticker become, in essence, a walking billboard for your business. And if you put one on your own car, you become one as well!

Laptop covered with stickers

3. Stickers

Nothing says guerilla marketing quite like stickers do. 

If your target audience is younger, this can be a really effective marketing strategy for you. With very little overhead, stickers can make sure that your name sticks in your target audience’s head.

Walk into a coffee shop, and you’ll see plenty of college students and millennials with stickers on their laptops. Why is your business not on them too?

Like with window and door graphics, find a great designer to create something people will actually want on their water bottles and laptops.

In other words, someone with Microsoft Paint isn’t going to cut it.

After getting the design, take it to a company that prints stickers. Even though this can cost a bit of money, the amount of branding you’ll achieve will be unreal.

You should only use stickers if you feel like your target audience will respond well to them. You don’t want to waste money buying stickers if the people you give them to won’t put them on anything.

Colorful chalk

4. Chalk

Take it back to your roots with something fun for your guerilla marketing tactics. Even though this one sounds a little silly, chalk can be quite effective — especially for a small budget marketing team.

Chalk can cost just a few dollars, and you can use it more than once of course. It might not bring in a lot of foot or online traffic, but with the little amount of cost, you should see a high ROI.

When you want to use chalk, just make sure you draw on a sidewalk that is public. And in some states and cities, there are certain public locations that you can’t draw with chalk.

With chalk, you can even consider outsourcing to a local artist. Letting them create something beautiful will get people talking about your chalk, and some people might even post it on social media!

When you’re thinking about using chalk, consider what you are advertising. A burger shop might find use out of chalk marketing, but chances are that a bank doesn’t want to advertise their new loan on social media.

Food truck

5. Food Trucks

Do you like food trucks?

Sure you do. Everyone does. But did you know that you can use them for marketing as well?

Depending on your business, you can use them to reach your clients directly. You don’t have to be a food business to do this!

Let’s say you sell skateboards. Consider renting a food truck and parking near a skatepark.

Then, sell your boards or give out free drinks or food. This will give you plenty of new customers and create an opportunity to improve your brand loyalty.

Of course, this costs quite a bit of money. But if you do it well, it will be worth it for sure.,


Have Enough Guerilla Marketing Ideas? 

What did you know about guerilla marketing before you read this article?

Hopefully, you’ve learned a few new things after reading through these guerilla marketing ideas. Even though some might not fit well for your business, you might be able to adapt them for your own.

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