Fun in the Sun: Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Vacation Homes

Vacation homes along the beach

Two-thirds of second homeowners rent out their vacation homes for at least a part of the year. Most do it to cover their costs. 

But in order to make money in an increasingly competitive market, you need unique real estate marketing ideas to sell and rent homes.

You can’t depend on the same real estate marketing tools you used to. Which is why you should keep reading to learn a few real estate marketing ideas to help you grow your business while having fun. 

Vacation experience

Create an Experience to Help Sell and Rent Homes

Today’s renters and buyers are much savvier than they used to be 20 and even 10 years ago. They don’t want to just rent or buy a home, they want an experience. 

Today people want to feel as though they’re experiencing the good life, even if they’re on a budget. And you can give that to them by focusing on luxury real estate marketing.

Properties that look dated and are in desperate need of a renovation no longer cut it. Instead, people want updated interior and exteriors that give the impression they’re in a five-star place. 

It’s often the little things they notice the most. Upgrade the furniture, invest in a great cable and internet package and you’ll have buyers and renters knocking down the door. 

Making sure the value far outweighs the price is always a recipe for success in today’s market. 

Get social

Get Social

There are over a billion Facebook users. But they’re not the only social media site you need to start using to increase your real estate marketing success.

Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are also great sites for you to have a profile on. You can share pictures, interact with users, promote your properties, and share anything you deem newsworthy with potential clients. 

Make it easy for home shoppers to share their favorite housing photos with their friends and family. You can do this by letting them email and share photos of properties online by adding social sharing buttons. 

Person creating content on laptop

Share Great Content

Content is king when it comes to the internet. You can share content in two ways. 

One is by creating an email marketing campaign. While email marketing has been around since email was created, it still has an amazingly high ROI (return on investment). 

It’s a great way to keep in touch with potential buyers and renters to let them know what’s going on. You can share information, videos, and photography. 

But you should also consider adding a blog to your website. A blog is a great way to increase SEO on your site

Write articles that use emotional storytelling to captivate, inform, and entertain your readers. Use keywords that your customers are using to find businesses like yours. 

Write articles your customers will find helpful such as how to make a pool deck less slippery. Check out this informational post to learn more. 

Add internal and external links to increase traffic, help you tell your story better, and help you increase your authority as an expert and your brand. 

Make you photos look amazing

Make Sure Your Photos Look Amazing

One of the best real estate marketing ideas is to use photography to highlight your properties. But if you think you taking a few photos using your smartphone will cut it, you’re wrong. 

Your goal is to make your properties look so enticing that renters and buyers have no choice but to take some sort of action. If you take the photos yourself, the chances are you won’t achieve your goals. 

Professional photographers know exactly what photos to take that will increase your chances of a property being sold or rented. They know what to highlight and what to avoid photographing.

It’s worth it to hire a professional who can not only take photographs of the property but of the surrounding environment. You’re not just selling the home, you’re selling the location as well. 

Video marketing

Develop a Real Estate Video Marketing Strategy

There are a lot of reasons to develop a real estate video marketing strategy. The main reason is people love watching videos. 

As a result by the year 2022, video traffic will be 82% of all internet traffic. Videos also have a great ROI.

Video content helps engage and ignite emotions. Videos help build up trust between you and a potential client in a way no other medium can. 

It’s also a great way to quickly show the entire property so that people can easily judge for themselves if they want to take a closer look. Photos go a long way, but videos allow for a more complete view of what a buyer or renter can expect before they arrive at the property. 

Don’t forget that Google loves and rewards videos. Videos help you rank higher organically on search engines. 

Jar full of review stars

Ask for Reviews

One of the best real estate marketing tools you have at your disposal is reviews from your current and former clients. They can market your business in a way that no amount of work on your part ever can compete with. 

People like and trust reviews. Even as few as five reviews help add credibility to your business that you can’t do on your own. 

Reviews help describe your properties in a way you may not have thought of. They also have the benefit of having lived the experience, when you haven’t. 

Don’t be afraid of bad reviews, just use them as an opportunity to learn and grow. Always comment on both bad and good reviews. Your buyers and renters want to know how you handle both situations. 

You can share reviews on your website and on social media. 

Dog on vacation on a beach

Consider Focusing on a Niche

One way to easily set yourself apart from your competition is to focus on a niche. You can focus on people who bring their pets on vacation, families with kids, divorced individuals or green properties

Making a name for yourself in a specific niche helps make you memorable, especially in highly saturated areas. 

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