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Reality Check: How Important is Real Estate Content Marketing? (Hint, Very!)

Content Marketing

A combination of slow home building and rising home prices makes the current real estate market very competitive. It’s not a lack of buyers, but a lack of inventory.

In the face of this competitive market, realtors need a competitive edge that doesn’t involve old school marketing tactics. The explosion in digital technology creates a lot of opportunities. One that many realtors now pursue is real estate content marketing.

While some might ask how important it really is, those in know realize it’s very important. Let’s jump and look at why.

What is content marketing?

What Is Content Marketing?

Before you can evaluate the importance of content marketing, you need a handle on what content marketing is.

In basic terms, content marketing gives you a chance to inform potential customers about your business and what it does. You don’t go at it directly, though, or it’s just advertising.

You approach it by offering visitors helpful information. For example, you might write a blog post about 5 Clues that a House Is a Bad Buy. Offering this type of content not only builds trust, but it also gives visitors a reason to come back.

Content marketing is a key element of SEO

It’s a Key Element in SEO

There is no escaping SEO in the world of modern real estate. Most people look for new properties online long before they ever talk to an agent. That means your site must rank well for key search terms.

That means SEO.

Real estate content marketing helps you in several ways in terms of SEO. A good content marketing strategy means you add new, relevant content on a regular basis. Search engines love that. 

It’s also an opportunity for creating solid internal linking and linking out to quality external sources. 

Of course, SEO is more than content marketing. Many real estate agents outsource the technical side of SEO to a specialist agency, such as This lets you focus on crafting content and selling properties, not worrying about XML sitemaps and schema markup.

Video is hugely important

Video Is Huge

Content marketing takes a lot of forms. A popular form is blog posts because they’re low-cost and play to your existing knowledge. Other types of content include:

  • white papers
  • free reports
  • social media posts
  • webinars

All of these content types can play a role in your content marketing strategy, but video is 800-pound gorilla these days. It’s closing in on controlling 80% of internet traffic among consumers.

The good news is that real estate is the ideal product for video content marketing. It’s inherently a visual product. Plus, there are streaming services that let you create a dedicated channel.

Video content also lets you achieve multiple goals, including:

  • rapport building
  • showcasing properties
  • brand building

You can even use video to show off happy clients in their new homes.

Parting thoughts on real estate content marketing

Parting Thoughts on Real Estate Content Marketing

Real estate content marketing is almost inevitable when considered in the context of the larger shift to online business.

It lets you reach customers where they are and when they’re looking at your products. You can communicate useful tips to them with blogs and reports.

Most importantly, you can create video content. That lets you engage in branding, property showcasing and show off your success stories.

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