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Don’t Change the Channel: 5 Reasons Why YouTube Real Estate Marketing Is Effective

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The internet plays a huge role when it comes to the housing market. So much so, that 51% of home buyers claim they found their home, using the internet. 

As a realtor, there are many online marketing channels you can use to market a home, and you might not be sure which one is best. 

If you’re in this position, you may want to consider focusing on YouTube. 

This post will highlight five reasons that clearly show why YouTube real estate marketing is effective. Once you’re done reading, you’ll understand why YouTube is a sure thing, for anyone trying to market a home. 

Let’s begin! 

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1. Give People a New Way to View Homes

Traditionally, if people were interested in a particular house, they’d only be able to take a look at a set of pictures. The only other option is visiting the house, but this isn’t convenient if the person has a busy schedule.

However, with the help of YouTube, people interested in a particular home can now assess it using a 4K video.

This is helpful because it makes it easier for people to learn about a house before they book a viewing. This also benefits realtors, because it means that the people that book a viewing are more qualified.

Build a brand for your business

2. Build a Brand for Your Realtor Company

Using YouTube, you can showcase video content that helps portray the values that represent your realtor company.

To improve your brand-building efforts, give your YouTube channel a particular color theme. You should also think about creating a custom banner. Thankfully, this isn’t that hard to do with the help of a YouTube banner creator.

Benefit from YouTube ads

3. Benefit From YouTube Ads

You can use YouTube Ads to generate awareness for a particular property or to convince people that you’re the right person to sell their home. 

If you want to generate awareness, you’ll need to target your ads so that they’re shown to people who have indicated an interest in buying a home. You can do this by targeting relevant keywords or certain ‘affinity audiences.’ 

If you want to generate clients, consider promoting a video that explains why it’s better to work with you, rather than a competitor. You could even run some video ads that highlight the success of past projects.  

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4. Showcase Past Success Stories

Using YouTube, you can easily build some social proof for your business by posting video testimonials of past clients.

Whenever your business processes a sale, ask clients if they’d be willing to record a testimonial. If the person providing the testimonial doesn’t have a good camera, you may want to visit them just so that you can record the video.

Build rapport

5. Build Rapport

Your videos will also give prospective clients to learn more about you as a person. This is helpful as it gives you the chance to build rapport and trust before you even meet a potential client.

If you want to build an even stronger bond with people, consider doing a daily vlog.

As people watch these vlogs, they’ll get the chance to learn about you. This then helps improve the strength of the relationship, even if you’ve not met them. Following this, they may be more likely to work with you than a competitor.

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Is YouTube Real Estate Marketing Effective? 

After reading this post, you should now understand why YouTube real estate marketing is so effective. 

If you don’t know where to start, consider studying some of your competitors. In doing so, you should discover a few tricks you can use to get your own YouTube channel off the ground. 

Though it’ll take some time for your YouTube channel to gain traction, the results will be amazing as soon your videos gain momentum. 

Tired of losing business to the competition? Check out this post to learn how you can fight back! 

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