4 Online Marketing Solutions to Make Your Furniture Company a Household Name

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Data shows that 19% of businesses fail because of poor marketing.

You might think that’s a small percentage and that you’re not going to join this group. But the businesses that belong to this group probably felt the same way, until it was too late for them to adjust their approach.

Fortunately, if you take action now, you should be able to change things so that your business never fails due to poor marketing.

Keep reading, and you’ll discover four online marketing solutions that’ll help your furniture company sell more products. If you’re worried about your current marketing skills, these tips will help you avoid any marketing mishaps.

Let’s begin!


1. Blogging

Writing blog content isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. But it’s hard to deny the benefits that blogging will bring to your business, should you take the concept seriously.

For one, blogging will help you raise awareness around the core values associated with your brand.

For instance, if you want people to understand that your company creates quality furniture, you can create a blog that helps you portray this.

Using a blog post, you can describe the care and attention that goes into making an item of furniture. You could even detail all the training that someone has to go through before they can join the assembly line.

Blogging can also produce a direct improvement in sales. This is because you can create blog content aimed at people who are in the market for new furniture.

Suppose someone is looking to furnish their new apartment. If they’re unsure of how to do this, they might go to Google and search ‘how to furnish a new apartment.’ 

If you can create a blog post related to this topic, you may be able to rank for this keyword.

In your blog post, you could highlight some of your own items of furniture. As a result, when someone reads this blog post, they may check out your suggestions and end up making a purchase.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can create blog content for your furniture company, this website can provide you with some great examples.

Two women filming a YouTube video

2. YouTube

To begin with, it can be difficult to figure out how YouTube will produce an uptick in sales.

But once you take a step back, you’ll realize that YouTube content is just like a video form of blog content. Thus, if you want results with YouTube, all you need to do is think about how you can create video versions of your blog posts.

So, instead of writing a blog post about the production standards of your furniture company, you might create a short video instead.

This video might document how a piece of furniture goes from being a collection of raw materials to a high-quality product. In this video, you might also highlight the attention to detail that goes into producing your items.

You could even create a video in which you interview some of your employees. In doing so, you can bring attention to the ability of these people. You can make it clear that they’re experienced professionals who understand their craft.

Like the blog suggestion from earlier, you may even create video content that teaches people how they can furnish their home. You can use some of your own items of furniture in these videos and include links to these items in the description of your video.

Laptop with Facebook ads

3. Facebook Ads

One of the cool things about Facebook PPC Ads is you can target your ads in ways that aren’t possible on other platforms.

This is helpful when you realize there are specific targeting methods that work well for furniture companies.

For example, you can target people that are about to move home, or have just moved. These people are likely in the market for new furniture they can put into their new home.

Thus, if you can get your ads in front of these people, there’s a good chance that this demographic will take an interest in what you have to offer.

Using Facebook Ads, you can also target certain ‘income brackets.’

So, if you have certain luxury items on offer, you can target your ads so they’re only shown to people who have the purchasing power to buy your products. This increased relevance will then produce a better ROI on your marketing spend. 

It’s also worth noting that you can use Facebook Ads to ‘boost’ your other forms of marketing.

So, if you have a blog post, you can promote it using Facebook Ads. You can do the same for your video content too. This can be a good way to bring attention to your brand, without having to wait for your content to do well ‘organically.’

Podcast microphone

4. Podcasts

Podcasting might sound like an unusual suggestion when you consider that buying furniture is a highly ‘visual’ process.

While this is true, it’s important to remember that you can use Podcasts to generate awareness around your brand. Following this, if enough people know about your brand, there will be a knock on effect of people checking out what you have to offer.

When creating Podcast content, you can go down the route of creating audio versions of your blog posts.

This could mean you provide tips on how people can decorate their new home. You could also interview some famous furniture designers, and get them to share tips on how listeners should decorate a home.

At the start, and end of your Podcast, you may want to provide people with a unique discount code. By offering this code, you give listeners an incentive to visit your store and check out what’s on sale. 

Be sure to create a discount code that’s specific to the Podcast. This’ll make it easy for you to track purchases associated with the Podcast. You can then use this data to judge the effectiveness of this marketing channel.

Living room furniture

Will These Online Marketing Solutions Help You Sell More Furniture?  

The online marketing solutions in this post will help you create a solid marketing strategy for your furniture business.

Each business owner is going to have a different set of skills. Because of this, you might prefer one marketing strategy over another. This is completely fine, but if you find that a particular strategy isn’t working, you may need to abandon it, no matter how much you like it.

When faced with a scenario like this you’ll need to either learn new skills or hire someone that can help you. Though this can be a difficult thing to do, adopting a flexible approach like this is often the only thing that’ll ensure your marketing is effective.

Are you thinking about using Google AdWords to promote your furniture business? Check out this post to learn how you can get started. 

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