Don’t Push Siding to the Side: Here’s How to Choose the Best Siding to Increase Your Home’s Value

House siding

You’re preparing to sell your home. You may be asking what upgrades will improve your homes resale value. The list includes a new roof, landscape upgrades, and updating the home’s exterior.

There are numerous options when it comes to your home’s exterior. Most siding choices will increase curb appeal and the chances of getting top dollar.

Choosing the best siding depends on the make-up of the homes in the neighborhood. The average resale value of homes in your area will also play a part. Consideration should also be given to the weather conditions in your area.

Want to learn more about exterior siding? Keep reading for tips on choosing the best siding for homes.

House with siding

Why is Siding Important?

House siding is important to a house because it is the homes first level of defense from atmospheric conditions. Whether it is rain, snow, or extreme heat, your siding needs to be of a protective grade that the conditions can’t penetrate.

Your siding should also be one that can withstand decades without needing to be repaired or replaced. 

House with vinyl siding

Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Are Popular Choices

Vinyl and aluminum siding are popular types of home siding. Technology has improved these products in areas of style and durability.

Upgrading or adding siding to your home can be a costly expense. The immediate value it will add to the home is undeniable. The return on your investment will be received as soon as the house sells.

If you are looking for the best house siding installation, check out The Trough Man.

House with engineered wood

Engineered Wood Siding is a Growing Trend

If you want to move away from traditional siding like vinyl and aluminum, consider engineered wood siding. This option is made of composite wood and is quite inexpensive. 

This modern approach to siding allows flexibility in the design. The siding options can be painted. Newer homes mix the wood siding with stacked stones and other exterior treatments.

Engineered wood easily blends in with newer homes. The right window treatments and landscaping can make an older home look more contemporary.

Modern house with white stucco

Is Stucco is the Best Siding?

Some will argue that stucco is the best and most durable home siding. It definitely offers more choices in texture than most siding. Also important, stucco is extremely durable and performs well under most conditions.

Traditional stucco siding provides a timeless appeal and is often an inexpensive upgrade to concrete or block homes. If the home is made of wood you will be required to replace damaged wood and install a moisture barrier. 

Once the stucco is completed, you can paint it any color you like. Some products come in a pre-color mix. This will save you the expense of buying paint and hiring a painter.

House for sale

Ready, Set, Hit the Market

Now that you know the best siding and its benefits are you ready to upgrade? Getting the most money for your home may require making upgrades.

Learn more about upgrades to improve your home’s resale value. Check out these garage door makeover tips.

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