5 Garage Door Makeover Tips to Improve Your Home’s Resale Value

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Home renovations are catching on fast. In fact, one survey found that more than half of homeowners plan to make renovations this year. 

And a garage door makeover is an overlooked renovation idea that can make a big difference. 

Wondering how to get the most out of garage door renovation? We’ve picked out some expert tips to boost this practical space’s value and up the price of the whole property.

How a Garage Door Makeover Makes a Difference

When it comes to home renovations, most people think about updating floors, bathrooms, or kitchen cabinets. But a garage door makeover can turn into a price spike for homes. Some garage door replacements can pull in a return on investment of 85 percent.

That’s because garage door enhancements can drastically improve a home’s curb appeal. And that can kick up the resale value of an entire property.

But it also adds value through less obvious costs. For instance, an updated garage can save homeowners money on heating and cooling. It’s also a good way to avoid pesky maintenance of out of date doors.

This all adds to the safety an updated garage door can provide. After all, top-notch security systems aren’t much good if burglars can sneak in through an old garage.

All of that can turn into more money for a homeowner. And here are the top five garage door makeover tips to up a home’s resale value.

Black painted garage door

1. Paint with Purpose

Sometimes something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can completely revive a garage door. But remember to keep the whole property in mind. When dressing up garage doors, make sure colors flow with the whole house’s exterior.

And added trim can tie a garage in with the rest of a home. The best garage trim ideas incorporate features like nearby windowsills or a roof’s edge.

Staining a garage door is also an affordable way to add a fresh, distinguished look.

2. Accent the Architecture

The garage can feel like a separate structure from the rest of the house. But it shouldn’t look that way. A good way to connect a home and garage is to make the most of roof lines or patterns. 

A good garage door renovation might include swapping out a single window for two to add symmetry. 

3. Revive the Surroundings

This means tidying up landscaping that leads to the garage. Crisp lines can help accent newly decorated garage doors.

Another good idea is to widen the driveway pavement to open up the property’s space.

4. Harness the Power of Natural Light

Sunlight can flood a dark garage with new life. And a brighter space will look fresher on the inside and outside.

Consider adding windows to the front of a garage or bring in light with a bank of side panes. 

5. Make it Easy with Experts

There are lots of experts who can replace garage doors or even give advice about ways to improve existing doors. Groups like All About Doors, even let homeowners design their garage door online.

It’s a good idea to tap into expert advice for big jobs like full garage door replacements.

Orange house with garage

More Ways to Up a Home’s Value

These top five garage door makeover tips can add to a home’s value. But there are ways to increase property value well beyond the garage.

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