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Virtual Realty: How Do Realtors Make Money?

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When it comes to being a real estate agent, you’ll need to understand the ins and outs of the career. 

First off, it’s important to understand the basics. For instance — how do realtors make money?

If you’re trying to become a real estate agent, you need to answer this question first and foremost. Consider this information to learn more. 

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How Do Realtors Make Money?

Before you embark on a career in real estate, you need to understand how these professionals get paid. 

The main way that real estate agents get paid is by taking a percentage of the home purchase. For example, a realtor might take 6% of the entire home purchase price. 

In many situations, this percentage is split down the middle and handled by both the buyer and the seller. This is why it’s in the realtor’s interest to both help the seller get the best price and the smooth the sale out to make it easier for the buyer. 

Since home sales can take a long time to go through, realtors my look into other avenues to get paid. Real estate professionals can use services like to get a commission advance that helps them get paid ahead of time. 

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How Can Realtors Increase Their Clientele?

Real estate professionals always need to do their due diligence to market to their public and find the help that they need. 

One of the best things that real estate agents can do to earn more money is to start a blog or vlog. This helps them get their voice out there to the public, and keep their name buzzing. When it comes to real estate, people do business with those that they feel comfortable with. 

By increasing their profile, a real estate agent makes it easier to draw in new business. 

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What Are Some Traits That a Good Realtor Needs to Have?

When someone is looking into a career in real estate, it pays to have some traits that will be worthwhile. 

First of all, a real estate agent needs to be enterprising and able to drum up new business. This isn’t a job where you simply wake up to new business and clear leads — at least at first. 

Realtors also need to be incredibly organized so that they can map out their days and do everything possible to close deals and create new business. By staying organized, they’ll be better able to care for their clients. 

Above all, realtors must also be personable and connect with people in a trusting and genuine manner. 

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Learn More About the Real Estate Industry 

So how do realtors make money?

These tips will help you get the most out of your real estate career by first arming yourself with information. The real estate industry is vast and continuously growing, but you need to keep doing your research.  

The real estate industry requires consistency, and this starts with knowing the details. 

Check our site regularly for more real estate information, and visit our forums to learn more about the field as a whole. 

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