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West Coast Vibes: 10 Reasons to Live in Vancouver

Vancouver Skyline

Vancouver boasts a diverse population of 631,486 residents, many hailing from the British Isles, China, North America’s First Nations, the Middle East, Africa, and more. And these residents are all in on a secret you should know about…

There are many compelling reasons to live in Vancouver.

In fact, this gorgeous West Coast melting pot offers scenic views and a happening foodie scene. If you’re a beer connoisseur, you’ll find a wealth of excellent breweries.

And you may already be more familiar with Vancouver’s landscapes than you realize. Known as Hollywood North, countless television shows and movies have been filmed on location here.

Read on to learn more about this vibrant, multicultural city and why moving to Vancouver might be the best decision you ever make. 

Great Hiking Trails

1. Great Hiking Trails

Vancouver has gorgeous hiking trails because of its proximity to iconic mountains such as Cypress Mountain, Grouse Mountain, and Mt. Seymour. On clear days, residents also enjoy impressive views of Mt. Baker. 

Among the area’s most well-known hikes are Quarry Rock in Deep Cove, Lighthouse Park, The Chief, and Grouse Grind.

Quarry Rock proves a local favorite because of its appeal to hikers of all levels and its proximity to Deep Cove Village. There, you can stop in for coffee and doughnuts before heading out on the hike. 

Great outdoor activities

2. Endless Outdoor Activities

One thing’s for sure when in Vancouver, expect to see lots of hiking boots, yoga pants, and weekend warriors. 

Whether they’re drinking fresh-pressed juice, visiting salad bars, or enjoying scenic sea wall bike rides, Vancouver residents know how to stay healthy and active.

These habits have even earned Vancouver the reputation of being one of the world’s healthiest places to live. An active lifestyle filled with lots of exercise proves contagious, so your fitness level may even improve after relocating here. 

Beautiful beaches

3. Beautiful Beaches

Vancouver’s proximity to the coast means the best of both worlds, great mountain views and sunny summer beaches. Kitsilano Beach (Or “Kits Beach”) is family-friendly, and nearby Kits Pool contains a heated saltwater pool with stunning views.

Spanish Beach feels remote and quiet. It also boasts historical significance as a spot discovered by Spanish explorers in 1792. Finally, Ambleside Beach features a walkable sea wall with expansive views of Vancouver’s skyline. 

Temperate Climate

4. A Temperate Climate

Unlike other parts of Canada known for its nippy temperatures, Vancouver enjoys a relatively mild climate. It even houses one of the last temperate North American rainforests. 

Despite its location north of the US border, snow days prove rare. That is if it snows at all during the winter.

December’s average high measures 57 degrees Fahrenheit with a low of 44, and January historically fluctuates from 44 to 34 degrees Fahrenheit. 


5. Proximity to Major American Cities

Vancouver sits near two of America’s largest and most beloved Northwestern cities, Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon.

Just four hours from Vancouver by bus, Seattle boasts an idyllic historic waterfront and iconic landmarks such as Pike Place Market. 

Another hour south will bring you to Portland, Oregon, which is renowned across the United States for its inherent “weirdness.” In truth, Portland remains a fun city with a flourishing art scene and lots of great eats and brews. 


6. Eclectic Neighborhoods with Excellent Shopping

Vancouver proves a shopper’s paradise with its admixture of eclectic neighborhoods and quaint shops. Must-see retail areas include Granville Island with its idyllic peninsula, pedestrian-friendly layout, and regular farmer’s markets. 

There’s also Gastown, which boasts endless stretches of souvenir shops and First Nations galleries chock full of indigenous artwork. Chinatown and Vancouver’s downtown round out a full day of shopping with a variety of boutiques and shops. 


7. Excellent Skiing and Snowboarding

Even though Vancouver doesn’t prove glacial, nearby ski resorts still offer excellent powder. The three closest places to hit the slopes include:

  • Grouse
  • Seymour
  • Cypress

Cypress remains the most popular of the three destinations, especially for snowboarders. But all offer well-groomed mountains. And for those who don’t mind venturing a bit further, Whistler’s two mountains sit just a couple of hours away. 

Vancouver skyline with sports complex

8. A Year-Round Sports Complex

Vancouver’s sports complex, BC Place, is a stadium worth seeing. It features a retractable canvas roof. Its unique design provides protection from the rain and elements while maintaining the charm of an open-air stadium.

Because of the stadium’s unique construction, it hosts a variety of events year-round. The home of the BC Lions football team and Vancouver Whitecaps soccer team, their events burst with an infectious civic pride you can’t resist. 

Kids in school

9. A Fantastic Educational System

For families, one of the best things about living in Vancouver remains its excellent educational system. Annually, the public school system educates more than 56,000 students.

What’s more, competitive post-secondary educational options prove plentiful. Vancouver boasts the:

  • Simon Fraser University
  • University of British Columbia 
  • Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design
  • Many specialty colleges and community colleges

Besides public schools, universities, and colleges, Vancouver also boasts an excellent private school system.


10. Picturesque Architecture

Vancouver is one of the premier cities in Canada and with good reason. Not only does it prove rich in beautiful natural landscapes but the architecture of the area is charming and quaint. 

Whether you’re thinking about a condo or a home, you’ll have an endless selection to choose from. These homes feature unparalleled views and many modern amenities.

You can see more listings here and start your search for a new home today. Or, consider these custom house ideas for designing your dream home

Endless reasons to live in vancouver

Endless Reasons to Live in Vancouver

From stunning natural surroundings to excellent shopping and rich educational opportunities, there are countless reasons to live in Vancouver. You’ll be amazed by the city’s breathtaking mountains and expansive beaches.

And you’ll love Vancouver’s active lifestyle with easy access to a variety of outdoor activities including skiing, cycling, hiking, and windsurfing. 

Looking for more tips to help you find your dream home in Vancouver? Or, maybe you have other questions about the process of buying a home? Read on to learn more about closing costs and how much it costs to buy a home

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