Tiny House, Big Money: Top Tips for Selling Your Tiny House for Top Dollar

Selling a tiny house

Tiny houses are homes that are under 1,000 square feet.

More and more people are being drawn to tiny house living. It offers a more minimalist lifestyle and a much cheaper price tag. 

However, if you’ve decided that living tiny isn’t for you, it’s time to put your house up for sale. 

This is a big decision but if you really are thinking about putting up your tiny house for sale then we have a few top tips for selling it for top dollar.

Luckily, tiny house living is becoming more and more trendy by the day, so this may be the perfect time to sell your little, lovely home. 

Tiny blue house

1. Get the Price Right

Firstly, assess how much you spent on building your own tiny house. There isn’t a true real estate market for tiny houses. So, a lot of the realtor work falls to you. 

If you need help, enlist a professional realtor who can give you some advice. People who are buying tiny homes are doing so in order to avoid going into debt. Don’t put them there yourself!

Of course, remember that the only price that you can sell for is that which someone is willing to pay. Otherwise, they will hire their own tiny house builders.

Check out similar tiny houses to yours online and see how much they were sold for to work out your own price point. 

Make sure the interior is looking good

2. Make Sure Your Home is Looking Good

Every tiny house is built specifically for those who are living in it. Make sure your home is looking as stunning as possible before you put it on the market. 

Perhaps this means giving it a lick of paint and removing family photos. You should also make sure to tidy up and declutter so your tiny home looks spacious yet cozy.

Remember, people make many quick decisions purely based on appearances. This means you need to ensure your tiny home is looking perfect before you move onto the next stage.

Take great photos and videos

3. Take Great Pictures and Videos of Your Tiny Home

After making sure your tiny home is looking great, you need to move onto how you will display it. This means taking great pictures and walk-through videos.

Don’t simply do this yourself on your iPhone. Hire a professional photographer and you’re more likely to reap the rewards from your short-term investments. 

However, if this is not an option, make sure that the lighting is good, the camera is still and not shakey, and you have a wide lens angle. 

Diversify your listings

4. Diversify Your Tiny House Listings 

Finally, make sure to list your tiny home and its gorgeous images on every single platform possible. 

Think Tiny House Listings to begin. But, also include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even YouTube. You may be surprised by how effective YouTube can be.

The more sites you can post your tiny house on, the more likely it will grab many people’s attention.

Standing outside a tiny house at sunset

Now, Put Up Your Tiny House for Sale

With these tips, when you finally want to put up your tiny house for sale, you’ll know how best to do it! 

Need more advice? Check out our digital marketing tutorials to help you sell your tiny home quickly!

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