The Best Listing Videos of the Week, Vacant Lot Edition

Vacant Lot

This is a weekly post we do every Sunday where we feature the best listing videos we saw during the past week. You might not have the same level of skills or equipment that you see in these videos but they should at least give you some inspiration for your own.

We did miss a couple of weeks over the holidays so a couple of these videos are older than the past week. If you come across a great listing video please send it to us and we may feature it in this post.

Our first video this week is something very interesting that we came across. Instead of a video featuring an actual home this one is just for a vacant lot. Even though it’s just empty space they do a fantastic job showing it off as you’ll see.


Hawaii Loa Ridge Vacant Lot For Sale | 446 Puuikena Drive, Honolulu, Hawaii 96821

As previously mentioned there’s no building here, just an empty lot. As you can see, even if you’ve got an empty lot you can still put together a fantastic listing video.

First the video does exactly what you would expect and does a great job showing off the neighbourhood.

Secondly and more importantly, the video helps you to imagine building a home. Having the couple standing there with a set of plans helps get that idea in your head.

Showing the overhead view with a house layout and some example home designs really helps as well.

A video like this is incredibly easy to put together. It’s not even longer than one minute but it accomplishes everything it needs to do.

If you have an empty lot definitely take a few minutes and put together a video like this because it’ll be a huge help to your marketing.


3030 N Twin Oaks Valley Rd San Marcos

This video starts out with a view of the property and the area around it. However you’ll notice right away that the surrounding area is blurred out a bit which really makes the property itself stand out. You immediately see the size, shape and everything that’s included.

An effect like this isn’t super difficult but you will need some video editing skills. If you can pull it off it certainly looks great. Especially how everything fades in after a little bit.

You’ll also notice at 0:32 the use of arrows to point out specific features. This is easy to do and very helpful.

The entry to the home is very well done with the door gradually opening. This is followed by a shot of the staircase from the bottom looking up to the ceiling. It’s a very unique looking view and you should always be looking for views like this to showcase on your listing videos.

Later in the video you’ll see it highlight a very unique roof design as well.

There’s excellent narration and music throughout the video. It’s not too fancy but it works very well.

The camera slowly pans around each room showing everything you need to see while also focusing on some unique features of the property.

The video ends with a nice fade to black which always looks great and is easy to do in pretty much any video editing program.


Lake Oswego New Home – 148 5th Street, Lake Oswego OR 97034

We absolutely love this agent’s style of video. Specifically we love how the camera moves throughout the rooms. It moves throughout the home and shows each room from multiple angles to you really get a feel for the home.

What we especially like is how the camera speeds up at certain points that aren’t as necessary. You’ll notice right away how the camera speeds up as it moves through hallways or turns around to show the room from a different angle.

Not only does this help save run time but it makes the video a lot more visually interesting. There’s also no cuts between shots as the camera simply moves on a full path throughout the home.

This isn’t a difficult effect to replicate yourself either.

The video has a very nice opening of the front door to reveal the big staircase. Another excellent shot is looking down to the great room from the second floor.

A lot of two story homes will have a view like this, usually from the top of the stairs. It’s something that’s overlooked in a lot of videos but definitely makes the listing seem a lot more impressive.


Luxury Home for Sale in San Antonio, Texas

Our final video for this post isn’t anything fancy. In fact it’s really just a slideshow of still photos.

Nonetheless it’s a perfect demonstration that you don’t need a huge amount of skill or technology to put together a great listing video.

Even though it’s just a slideshow the video uses a Ken Burns effect to add some motion to the photos which makes it a lot more visually interesting.

More importantly however are the text overlays that not only highlight the features of the listing but some benefits as well.

You’ll notice the nice background behind the text. This is very important if you’re ever going to overlay text on your video. If you just add text it will be very difficult to read in front of whatever is going on in the background.

Adding a little background to your text like this is an absolute must. It’s easy to do too.

The only complaint we really have for this video is that it’s a bit long. Try to keep your videos around 2 minutes maximum.

Other than that this video is fantastic and probably took only a small amount of time to put together.

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