6 Ways to Stage Your Backyard for a Quick Sale

Beautifully staged backyard

When home staging is concerned, the interior is usually the one that receives the majority of attention. However, if you have a backyard, it pays an almost equally important role as the interior does.

Basically, not everyone is blessed with having a beautiful backyard, so if you do, do know that it will probably play a key part when it comes to selling your home fast. Rather, it will if it’s staged properly. Sure, for some people, merely the fact that your property has an outdoor area will be enough. But if you want to make sure that you seal the deal fast, you should stage your backyard to make it almost impossible to say no. Here’s how you can do that.


The starting point of any type of staging – be it indoors or out – is decluttering. Simply put, in order to be able to create a look you wish and organize any area according to your liking, it’s always easier to work with a “clean canvas”. Therefore, make sure you rake the leaves and get rid of any dead plants, dry branches and any other type of outdoor clutter. Once the yard is clutter-free, you’ll be able to get a clearer picture of the area you are working with, which will make the staging process significantly easier. 

Revamp the landscape

Beautiful backyard patio

Next, once your yard is free of clutter, see what you can do about the landscape. First, start by trimming the overgrown bushes and tree branches. Aim at making them look well-polished and streamlined. Then, move onto weeding gardens and flowerbeds to make sure there are no plants that just don’t belong there. Finally, if you don’t have any particular landscaping plan going on, see if you can create one. Layer plants of varying sizes and shapes throughout your yard to give it a more textured look.

Clean and repair

Once this is done, move onto any type of structured surface you have in your backyard. Inspect your patio, gazebo, pavers and sideways to see if any of them need to be cleaned or repaired. Cracked sideways and damaged pavers will instantly make your yard look sloppy and messy, so make sure you repair them. Chipping patio or gazebo paint is also a no-go, so make sure you sand them down and treat them with a fresh coat of pain as well.

Add some luxury flair

Backyard with some luxury flair

Furthermore, you should consider upping the luxury in your backyard as well. Think in terms of adding a luxurious statement piece that will instantly make your yard simply irresistible to prospective buyers. Therefore, you can, for instance, consider installing a beautiful outdoor luxury spa, which will automatically pique prospects’ interest. Having such a lavish feature in your backyard is something only few would consider installing, but many would love to have.

Create an area for entertainment

Moreover, outdoor kitchens and seating areas gained significantly in popularity over the last couple of years, so you should definitely consider implementing them in your backyard if you have enough space. Additionally, if your home is situated in a good school district, you can even consider making a kids’ Jungle Jim or a sandbox, which should potentially make your home more appealing to families looking to move in that neighborhood.

Make it vibrant

Vibrantly colored back yard

Finally, you should add some interest in your yard by filling it with various plants and foliage. Basically, you should read more about various types of outdoor plants and try to find as many as you can that blossom and bloom in different periods to make sure your yard is beautiful and stunning all year round. There are also interesting evergreens you should look into that not only look beautiful but that can provide you with some additional privacy once they grow.

As you can see, sprucing up your yard and staging it will definitely make your property more appealing to prospective buyers which will, in turn, result in a quicker sale. The fact of the matter is that many people forget just how important their outdoor area is when trying to sell a house and they focus all of their attention to the indoors. So, avoid making the same mistake and make your backyard shine which will definitely pay off in the near future.

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