The Cost of a Pond: The Improvement Value of a New Pond for Your Home

Backyard Pond

Improvement value in real estate simply refers to the price of your home after you make an upgrade minus the price without it.

Ideally, the relevant improvement should increase the amount you can list your home for by more than what it cost you to install the feature.

In rural areas, a pond can increase property values by 5 to 15%. 

Can a pond make this magic happen in the suburbs? Depends… 

Koi fish

Improvement Value Depends on the Buyer

When considering the things that add value to a home, there are two aspects to consider.

The first is tangible values which refer to the cold hard cash value of things.

Intangible values are those aspects which you cannot put a price on. For example, the enjoyment, beauty, and tranquility that a pond brings to the table.

Someone who looks at a pond and sees it only as a high maintenance feature will probably ask for a discount.

If you want a quick sale, installing a pond as a last-minute option to increase the value of your home could backfire. Rather stick to more cost-effective quick-fixes for curb appeal

However, if you are looking to improve the value of your home over time you’ll find that installing a pond has way more to add than dollars and cents.

Pond with fountain in back yard

What Does a Pond Add to Your Home’s Value?

If you live in an area with good schools and other amenities for families, a pond can be an attractive feature for people with children.

Their little ones can cool off in relative safety during the summer. They’ll also learn to appreciate nature if there are fish and plants living in the water feature.

Nobody can deny the soothing appeal of a water feature as a backdrop for family barbeques or lawn games. Running water boosts the benefits even more. 

Pons fountains are a fun, gorgeous addition to any water feature. Click for more information on the types of pons fountains you can choose from.

Families with the right frame of mind will happily pay full price for the future benefits of owning a pond. 

As with any landscaping design, don’t go overboard with design elements that may not appeal to everyone. 

Huge marble statues around the pond may not be everybody’s cup of tea. The cost of removing them could put buyers off.

Backyard pond with wooden chairs

The Last Word on Ponds

If you’re planning a family of your own, or have small children, a pond is one of the best ways to improve home value for yourself and prospective buyers. 

The enjoyment that you will get out of a pond over the years makes every penny of the installation and upkeep costs worthwhile.

When your children fly the coop and you want to downsize, your pond can be a drawcard for the next family looking for a home. 

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