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Time to Buy, Mate! Why You Should Look into Real Estate Property Investments in Australia

Sydney Opera House in Australia

25 million people call the country of Australia home. That massive number comes as no surprise given nation’s beauty and legendary culture.

While living in Australia is a no-brainier, investing in the country’s real estate market might seem a little more questionable. This is especially true if you’re an international investor.

Are the returns on Australian real estate good? Are local laws favorable to international investments?

The answer to both of the questions is a resounding, yes!

As a matter of fact, 2019 is a superb year for buyers to sink their teeth into Australia’s growing property market before it starts to skyrocket in value over the next decade.

Below, our team shares a handful of reasons why you should be thinking about property investment in the land of “Oz”.

Melbourne Australia

1. Population Explosion

Today, millions of people call Australia home. If history is any indicator, that number will rise by close to 2% each year.

Australia’s rate of growth outpaces other popular markets like the United States and Canada!

Bottom line – If you purchase property in Australia today, demand for that property is liable to go up by tens of millions of potential buyers and renters over the next decade.

Untapped space in Australia

2. Australia is a Largely Untapped Market

The vast majority of Australia’s population lives in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Those three cities, however, represent a fraction of the total land that’s available for development throughout the country.

To ease concentrated growth, the Australian government is putting in place a number of infrastructure projects to try and spur growth in less populated cities. Buying in those cities could represent an excellent deal for you today that will appreciate rapidly.

East Coast of Australia

3. Australia’s East Coast is an Iron Clad Investment

If you’re an investor that’s flush with resources, investing in the “big three” we mentioned in the last point (Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne) is a very safe bet. That’s true whether you’re interested in getting equity in a rapidly appreciating asset or if you’re interested in renting cash flow rich properties.

Despite infrastructure improvements that are aimed at funneling people out of these cities, projections indicate that demand to live on Australia’s east coast will continue to grow. Since the area is already largely developed, prices for existing housing will climb rapidly.

Tourists surfing in Australia

4. Australia Remains a Favorite Tourist Destination

Property investment in Australia isn’t all about targeting the permanent residential market. Given the number of activities and renowned topography of the area, a growing number of people across the globe are booking vacations to the country.

This reality presents unique opportunities for vacation rental investors who are looking to land a steady influx of tenants.

Furthermore, many parts of Australia enjoy good weather year round. That means more opportunities to fill vacancies!

Take a moment to read more now about the fun people can have when visiting the “Gold Coast”!

Sleeping Koala Bear

Wrapping Up Why It’s a Great Time to Look Into Property Investment in Australia

Australia is a country that often gets overlooked by property investment professionals since it doesn’t have the visibility that bigger markets like the USA and China enjoy. Still, for those looking to find great deals in a secure market, we can’t recommend Australia highly enough!

Do your diligence, start networking, and cheers to your next big deal!

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