5 HVAC Marketing Ideas That’ll Make Customers Come Calling

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Want to take your HVAC business to the next level in 2019? You’ll need to keep up with the trends in marketing to maintain a competitive edge over your competitors.

It’s expected that 30 percent of Internet users will be using ad blockers by early this year. What impact will this have on your business? This means the traditional ads won’t be as effective for marketing as they’ve been in the past. This doesn’t mean you should abandon these ads completely. You just need to change your marketing strategy to reach a wider potential clientele.

What does a change of strategy call for?

The HVAC market is changing fast and it’s difficult to scale and distinguish yourself from the competition. Planning ahead of time and channeling your marketing resources to the right places can help to draw customers to your business.

Check out these 5 HVAC marketing ideas will draw traffic to your business.

Video marketing

1. Start Using Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools you should use to stretch your online presence and make your HVAC business stand out. Unlike in the past, video production is no longer reserved for the big boys. You can use videos to illustrate functions and other details of the products your HVAC business deals in.

For example, you can provide potential customers with tips for maintaining a heater, but make sure you emphasize why professional heater maintenance is important. You can read more here about the reasons to schedule your heater inspection before the cold temperatures set in. 

A significant number of customers would prefer watching an explainer video about a product to reading an article on the same. Video marketing can play a central role in your HVAC products and services marketing.

Referral partnership

2. Set up Referral Partnerships

Referral from your customers is a powerful marketing tool. Customers are likely to buy a product from your HVAC company when they are referred by someone they trust. References act as a form of social guarantee. They eradicate customer’s objections and establish trust. For these reasons, your company needs to set up a referral program.

A referral program should not only involve end users but also businesses. For instance, a local vendor might send another vendor your way. To encourage such a vendor, you should reciprocate by doing the same.

Your business needs a referral system that gives incentives to clients who make referrals. You need to state the criteria employed for the incentive. You don’t have to reward the referral until the referred person purchases a product or asks for a service. Set up a system to track referrals.

Woman viewing website on smart phone

3. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Phone Users

You need to target mobile phone users. Make sure your website can be accessed via phone. More people are using their mobile phones to check out businesses around them. There is a significant chance that your potential customer is among these people. You can attain the results you want by having a fully optimized web design.

A potential customer is likely never to revisit a website that is not mobile friendly. In marketing, this is referred to as “money left at the table” or “high bounce rate”. Find a professional web design company to ensure your website doesn’t make you miss leads and sales for your HVAC products and services.

Apart from your website being easy to access via mobile phone, it should be easy and simple to navigate. It should have an easy to locate menu, with visible contact information on the homepage. Users hope to find your menu at the top left-hand side of the page and a phone address at the top center. Make it easy for our potential customers.

It is important to list your company in all local search directories. Some require payment, some are free. Take advantage of all local free listing before investing in any paid listings.

With every listing you create, ensure you set up a mechanism to monitor it. Once you receive any form of feedback, respond promptly. This illustrates your genuine appreciation of issues facing your customers and willingness to resolve issues.

Social media on a smart phone

4. Use Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Social media is the backbone of an online marketing plan. Social media takes many forms. For instance, you can cross-post your advertisements, your blog and other content from your website to your Twitter or Facebook page. You can also create ads on your social media that market exclusive deals or offers.

On your company’s official page, host a social media challenge where your social media followers can repost your HVAC products or services and stand a chance of winning a product. You can also use social media for promotions such as content marketing with an aim of attracting potential customers. Used correctly, social media is an indispensable tool.

Viewing re-targeting ads on a MacBook

5. Retargeting

The first stage to creating a targeting strategy is conducting a competitive analysis of your target market. Your business must establish what your competitors are doing and find out the most common HVAC search and advertising keywords. This way, you can know what your customers are looking for.

Developing an appropriate targeting method is challenging and you must be as accurate as possible. A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert can assess your analytics. The information gathered will help your business develop a targeting plan to boost sales.

The goal of retargeting is to bring the best possible return on your investment utilizing social target ads. Using appropriate software, you can display social media ads to potential customers who visited your website. Retargeting can aid in converting these potentials into paying prospects.

Online marketing

Promote HVAC Marketing Ideas That Convert Needs into Leads

HVAC marketing ideas should be tied down to specific seasons of the year. As the winter season approaches, many clients will be interested in heater maintenance service, for example. Make sure your marketing campaign addresses the needs and concerns of this target audience.

Don’t limit yourself to a single marketing idea. You can try different ideas to get the attention of potential customers.

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