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How to Start a Successful Blog for Your HVAC Business

Starting a blog

It’s estimated that 82% of people who shop around on their cell phones conduct ‘near me’ searches. We’ve all been there, searching something like “HVAC services near me.”

People also tend to click on one of the first few links that appear in the search. As more and more customers use search engines to find their local goods and services, the trick will be finding ways to optimize your site to rank well. 

Learning how to start a successful blog is one key element in ranking well in local searches. We’re here to give you a basic rundown of what makes a good blog and how it can help you generate more sales. 

How to Start a Successful Blog

The Winchester area is a gorgeous area and with each season, theres many changes to the air, drafts and moisture in your home or office. That’s why having your ducts cleaned ever so often cuts down on ill effects from unnecessary allergens.

With such an essential service, it’s important that your HVAC business can be visible online.

There are three or four key things that a website can do to increase its search rankings. Blogging is one of them, and also serves as a way to include two of the others; keyword optimization and backlinking.

Here are a few tips to making a great blog:

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1. Create Useful Content

The key to creating content that people will read is solving a problem in your writing. Find an issue that you have the answer to and give a solution.

In that, though, you have to do a good job writing. That can be the difficult part if writing isn’t your thing. If you’re not a writer by nature, don’t try to stray too far from the beaten path. 

Look at a few posts from websites that you look to for answers. Write up an introduction that opens up the idea, a body text that answers the specifics of the problem you’re solving, and a conclusion that sums up why the issue is important. 

There are a lot of sites like Grammarly that check your writing as you do it, making sure that your grammar isn’t off and your spelling is on point. You can also run the complete text through the Hemmingway App, which tells you the grade level that readers should be at to understand your content.

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2. Optimize for Keywords

Keyword optimization is important because it follows trends of what people are looking for online. Use a keyword research tool to find popular keywords in your niche and write content that is designed to be optimized for those words.

This will give you ideas for content as well. Doing this will set you ahead of your local competition even if you won’t rank on a larger scale. But, as we mentioned earlier, local rankings are essential and will boost your actual business.

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Want to Learn More?

Those are the bare bones of how to start a successful blog. There’s some more practical information that will help you design and post content regularly.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit our site for the information you need. 

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