5 Simple Tips to Nail Your Home Contractor Marketing

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Congratulations! Your contracting service is officially up and running and ready for business. Now what?

While word of mouth will help you land a handful of jobs, you’ll need to learn how to market yourself to start raking in the big bucks. But, how do you do that?

Thanks to the internet, getting the word out about your contracting service is now easier than ever before — especially if you follow these tips.

Here are five essential tips and tricks to help you nail your contractor marketing and start picking up new jobs left and right.

Build a website

1. Build a Website

Nowadays, if you want your business to be successful, your first step should be to make sure you have a website your potential customers can visit.

While building a website may seem like a huge task, there are plenty of tools and resources that can help you set up a professional looking site in a snap.

Your site should include a list of all the services you provide, contact information, examples of your skill and customer reviews.

Need an example to help you get started? Check out the site for LaborPanes to get an idea of how your website should present your business.

Get on social media

2. Get on Social Media

While social media may seem like a fun way to connect with friends, it can be a powerful marketing tool.

Once you have your website up and running, you should take the time to create profiles on every social media site your clients may be using.

Aside from marketing potential, social media also offers you a fantastic way to interact with your customers and clients.

People communicating

3. Communication is Key

Creating open lines of communication between you and your customers is vital in marketing your business.

One great way to do this, aside from joining social media, is through email marketing.

Through email marketing, you’ll be able to keep your clients up to date on any deals you may be offering or new services you have added to your products page.

Be a good neighbour

4. Be a Good Neighbor

As a contractor, your goal shouldn’t be to reach a global audience, as most of your jobs are going to come from those local to you.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with your area and your fellow local businesses. After all, there’s a good chance one of your fellow business owners may be in need of a reliable contractor.

Create a strong brand

5. Create a Strong Brand

Finally, the backbone of any successful company is a strong brand.

Branding yourself makes it easier for customers to identify you, which increases your chances of getting hired.

The first step you should take in building your brand is creating a memorable logo your customers will be able to recognize easily.

While you can create a logo yourself, there are plenty of tools and services available to help you create something eye-catching.

The digital age

Contractor Marketing In the Digital World

Marketing any small business can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know where to start. But, with these tips on contractor marketing, you’ll be able to help take your business to the next level quickly and easily.

Need a little extra help? We have all the marketing tools and resources you need to market your small business. Contact us for more information or to get started today!

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