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Use 15 Real Estate Marketing Tips To Break Into The Big Leagues

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Making a good living as a real estate agent isn’t hard if you know how to play the game. Here are 15 real estate marketing ideas that’ll help you start landing those high ticket properties and join the ranks of other wealthy realtors!

The benefits of being a real estate agent are numerous. You can make your own hours, choose who you work with, and you get to find new homes for families.

If you’ve set up your business correctly, it’s possible to make a very good living as a real estate agent. But if you don’t understand or place any focus on your marketing efforts, your business will suffer.

We want to help you become more successful. With that in mind, here are 15 real estate marketing tips to help you break into the big leagues.

Easy to Contact

1. Effective Real Estate Marketing Starts When You Make it Easy to Contact You

It doesn’t matter how many great real estate marketing ideas you have if no one can figure out how to reach you. Make it incredibly easy for people to contact you in whatever method they prefer.

Always make sure that on every marketing material you are using that your full name, company name, phone number, e-mail address, and website are listed on the materials.

Also, make sure this information is easy to find and large enough to read.

2. Learn and Use Facebook Advertising

Real estate marketing on social media is really easy. If you don’t already have a profile on Facebook, create one.

Add some photography, the best ways to reach you, and create a plan as to when and how often you plan to post information. Then start focusing on FB advertising.

For as little as $1 per day, you can create an advertising campaign. Best of all, you can specifically target people by their age, income, and geographic location.


3. Shoot Videos of Your Neighborhoods

By 2019, over 80% of all internet traffic will be for videos. Videos should definitely be part of your real estate marketing strategies for the long-term because there are so many benefits.

One way to use videos is to create videos of your neighborhood. Unless you live in a large city, chances are there aren’t a ton of videos around showcasing where you live.

You can share these videos on your website, blog, social media pages, YouTube.

4. Make Sure Your Website is Fully Responsive

One of the real estate marketing tips that everyone should be taking full advantage of is making sure your website is fully responsive. 95% of all Americans have a cell phone.

Many of them are Smartphones which we are using more and more to do internet searches on. A responsive website means that no matter what device your clients are on, they see the same information and the same look.

Click here for more info on what a responsive real estate site looks like.

5. Perfect Your E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

Real estate marketing agents know that e-mail marketing campaigns are highly effective. It’s a great way to conveniently keep in touch with your clients.

Invite clients to sign up for your newsletter by placing a call-to-action on your website. You can use photos, videos, and of course, written content to engage your clients and keep them informed of the homes you’re selling.

Search Engines

6. List Your Business on Search Engines

Real estate marketing strategies are most effective when the internet knows your business exists. One way to do that quickly and easily is to make sure your business is listed on as many search engines as possible.

Claim your Google Business Listing. Then create profiles for sites like Yelp and Zillow.

7. Have Your Clients Post Testimonials

Most real estate marketing ideas are intended to get your name out there but that doesn’t necessarily invoke instant trust between you and a potential client. That’s why personal referrals are so wonderful.

But client testimonials are just as powerful. Even as few as five testimonials can help persuade someone to trust that you’re the best agent for the job.

Host Events

8. Host Events

Many of these real estate marketing tips involve work that gets your name in front of people without you having to travel anywhere. But there is something very powerful about being in front of people.

Try hosting events once a month. Invite your top clients, their families, and other professionals to a networking event and remind them of why they should continue doing business with you.

9. Get Involved in Your Community

Again, the top real estate marketing agents aren’t going to be satisfied with digital and print to keep their business running smoothly. Instead, they also go one step further by getting involved in their community.

Try volunteering, sponsoring an event or sporting team, or joining a networking group. The more you know about your own community, the better you’ll be at your job.

10. Make Use of Keywords

Whether you’re doing real estate marketing on social media, your website, or even in print, you need to use the right keywords to gain the attention of the right people.

Keywords help boost your SEO which means search engines can more easily find you. The better keywords you use, the higher you’re ranked.

But your clients are also using keywords to find real estate agents. Make sure you use geographically-based keywords to help people narrow down their search.

Virtual Tours

11. Add Virtual Tours to Your Listings

Real estate marketing agents are aware of how busy people are these days. It’s not always so easy to take time away to look at a listing.

Which is why you should always add virtual tours to your listings. This way, people get a sense of the property without having to be there. Also, you know that if a client wants to view the property, there’s a real interest.

12. Look to Old-School Marketing Efforts

Real estate marketing ideas shouldn’t just be focused on digital marketing strategies. There’s still a lot of power in a well-written postcard or letter.

13. Brand Yourself

One real estate marketing strategy that always works is to brand yourself. Figure out what sets you apart from every other agent and make that your niche.

Create a logo so people easily recognize you and your business.

Start a Blog

14. Start a Blog

A blog is a useful tool. It’s a real estate marketing idea that is becoming increasingly popular.

Write about topics your clients frequently ask about. Feature new properties. Add in photography, videos, and keywords. Try to write a new article at least bi-weekly to keep assist you with your SEO strategies.

15. Add Social Media Buttons to Your Website

Always make sure to add social media buttons on your website, especially your blog to ensure your information is easily shareable.

Get Help

Get Help

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