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Make it Your Own: 6 Easy and Unique Decorating Tips for New Homeowners

Decorating Tips

If you’ve recently moved or are anticipating a move into a new home, your head is probably spinning with all the possibilities for unique, personalized home decor. You want your home to stand out among the rest in the neighborhood; you want it to be put together, classy, and totally unique.

To help set you on the right track, we’ve come up with 6 unique decorating tips that can help you beautify every room in your home.

Read on and start decorating today!

Front Door Decorations

1. Start at the Door

One great way to spruce up and personalize your new home is to start before you’ve even entered the place. Choose a fun, quirky twist for your front door!

The generic brown or cream color door that came with your home has served its purpose just fine, but a fresh coat of paint in a vibrant hue can set the tone for your whole home.

Consider painting your front door a warm yellow or orange, or go with the color red. In the early days of America, red front doors signaled to travelers that the home welcomed them warmly.

This fix is easy, inexpensive, and can work wonders for your home’s style overall.

Multiple Lighting Options

2. Layer Lighting

Your home’s decor doesn’t matter much if there isn’t enough light to see it. A key to killer decor in your new home is fantastic lighting. Every room in your house should be well-lit with 3 types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent lights.

Ambient light, which comes from ceiling fixtures and windows, makes your whole space bright and welcoming. Task light comes along with spaces like a kitchen island or reading nook and provides extra light for specific tasks in those spaces. Accent lights are the most decorative type and might provide spotlights on decor, or they might be decorative themselves.

Some people neglect to treat lighting as an element of decor. But to get your space looking really great, you’ll need to be intentional in layering your lighting throughout your home. Do your research to learn more about interior design trends and lighting in your home!

Mirror and Plant

3. Give Every Room a Mirror

Before you do more to decorate your new home, invest in mirrors. Ideally, you’ll have one for every single room.

Mirrors can serve your space in tons of important ways. They give the illusion of extended space by reflecting the existing space and making it all feel greater. Plus, they reflect light and brighten your space even more!

For each room in your house, choose a mirror to hang or prop up alongside the rest of the room’s decor. Make sure the mirror hangs perpendicular to the room’s windows so you don’t have a mirror that’s rebounding all its light and tossing it back out the window.

Above all, make sure the mirrors you choose are of a significant size so they reach their full potential!

Old Light Fixtures

4. Reinvent Old Fixtures

One of the things you’ll likely encounter when moving into a new-older home is decor elements leftover from the previous owner’s style. The impact of renovating small elements, such as light fixtures and cabinet handles, can be huge.

You may feel up for completely replacing these fixtures altogether. But if your wallet is still a bit sore from closing costs and that shiny new mortgage, you can give your new place’s fixtures an easy and cost-effective facelift by using spray paint or finishing kits.

Use hammered bronze or brushed nickel paint to coat hardware and light fixtures, then take a second to replace your home’s outlet plates with fresh ones.

Setting the tone with the fixtures in your kitchen and the rest of the home will help clear the stage for the rest of your personal decor. Something as simple as tweaking cabinet hardware can make your space feel much more like you, and it can make your decorating easier and more rewarding.

Plus, updating the little things will seriously help when you decide to sell your home!

Living Room Furniture

5. Resist Matching

Most furniture retailers would prefer us to believe that the only real way to decorate is through matching everything perfectly–you’ve got to buy the whole set!

Decorating your home in completely matching decor will leave you with a cold, uninviting, and generic-looking home. Using a few choice pieces with the same overall style is totally fine–but beyond that, work to pay attention to balance and personal taste instead of matching.

Be sure that your furniture’s scale jives well with the size of your space. Make sure you’re not putting too much or too little decor in a single space and that the furniture and decorations you choose feel like you.

Symmetry can be an important element in some rooms, but as a whole, do your best to avoid overmatching. Let quirky mismatching and complementary pieces work together instead. Your space will feel much more personalized.

Dining Room

6. Don’t Do it All at Once

It can be tempting to go on a shopping spree when you buy your new home. You want a new couch, dining room table, decorations for the mantle and every wall, but you need to slow down. Do your best to refrain from buying all of your home’s decor at once.

Try to live in your home for 2 months before making any significant purchases. You may think you know exactly how you’ll use your space, but once you’re settled and things have calmed down, you might find yourself looking at things differently. Then you’ll be glad that you didn’t spend $4000 on a sectional sofa that makes the room look smaller.

Instead of buying everything at once, let yourself become acquainted with your new home. Give yourself time to think things through, then build upwards. Start with the new sofa or dining table, then decide what decor you need to complete the look. Buy one or two large items at once and look for smaller decor as your furniture gets set.

Remember, there should be no rush. You’ve got years of happy life to live in your new home!

Decorating Tips

Want More Unique Decorating Tips?

Chances are, you’ve saved long and hard to purchase your new home. It’s only natural that you’d want to make the space your own with unique decorating and design!

For more tips on how to make your space your own and other tips on tip-top realty, check out our page.

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