Show Your Appreciation! 8 Real Estate Closing Gifts Your Clients Will Love

Closing Gifts

The deal’s done. Just one thing left to do. Say, “Thank you,” of course. You’d like to give a gift to your clients. It’s a kind thing to do. It’s also good for marketing and drumming up recommendations. 

What on earth do you buy? Well, remember home is where the heart is. Let’s also get right up and personal. Giving something that’s relevant and shows you’ve thought about your gift is going to go a long way.

It’s the thought that counts. You don’t need to spend a fortune. We’ll show you how to give something meaningful that’s not going to break the bank. Here are the ultimate eight real estate closing gifts that will make a great impact.

Front door that needs a mat

1. Personalized Doormats

Whenever your clients come in and out of their new home they’ll have a reminder of you and the great service you gave them. A brand new doormat is a welcome addition to any new home. 

Going the extra mile and having the mat personalized with their names or initials is a thoughtful idea. It’s wise to keep to a classic design unless you’re sure they might prefer something more casual.

You could also consider a doormat with a heart on. This is great if you know your clients have recently married or are starting to live together for the first time in their new home.

Olive Oil gift

2. Real Estate Closing Gifts for Foodies

You know your clients really fell love with the kitchen in their new home. You have a hunch it might have been what clinched the deal. If you know they’re foodies then treat them to olive oil sets or wine baskets.

You can tell them why you’ve chosen your particular gift so that it’ll really hit home to them that you care. You can even make these gifts more special by adding some extra touches.

A great corkscrew and some custom tumblers or champagne flutes are great ideas. Or, you could provide a beautiful olive oil pourer to go with the great quality oil.

It’s even been known for realtors to arrange a housewarming party for their clients. They’ve then gone on to get some great leads for future sales in the process.

As another extra, how about including a gift certificate for a local restaurant? That way they won’t have to cook on the first night in their new home.

Garden tools

3. Let’s Get Gardening

If the property you’ve sold has a wonderful garden and you know your clients have green fingers then you can’t go wrong with a gardening gift set. You could even add a hammock or barbecue.

Many garden sets come with tools and folding chairs. You may also be able to tie this idea in with the time of year. You could think of offering a leaf or snow blower if you know the weather is going to be an issue.

And, of course, it’s also the perfect opportunity to offer them a new lawnmower if your budget allows. A new tree to plant is also a great idea so that they’ll always have something special to mark their move by. It’ll all add curb appeal.

Door knockers

4. Knock Knock

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the front door could do with a bit of a lift. Offering your clients a personalized door knocker could be the perfect gift.

You could also throw in some personalized keychains too. That way they’ll never lose their keys. You could even have the date of the purchase added to the keychains as another thoughtful touch.

Happy dog with a treat

5. A Treat for the Family Pet

Moving home is exciting but it normally doesn’t come without its stresses too. That goes for the family pet. If you know that your clients have an animal they dote on then pampering the pet could be the best idea of all.

There are some great pet baskets which come filled with healthy products for the dogs to chew and toys to play with, for example. It’s the perfect time to spoil the family pet and make it feel special when it’s trying to get used to its new home.

If you know the family wants a pet but doesn’t have one yet, you could consider buying a certificate from the local animal shelter

Personal photos

6. Think Digital and Think Art

Social media means we all now have access to information about people we like and know. If you’ve become Facebook friends with your clients then you may well have access to a lot of their personal pictures.

Taking some pictures of their new home and combining those with some of their personal photos could make a wonderful gift. There are many online services that will turn the photos into a hard backed book.

It’ll make a wonderful keepsake for them to look back on. You may want to find out if there are any local artists you could ask to do a painting or sketch of the house. Presenting your clients with a framed finished product is a wonderful gesture.

Beautiful bathroom design

7. A Personal Service

Buying a property can often put a great strain on family budgets. If you know your clients may be struggling, why not offer them something that is going to really help make life easier for them?

Perhaps you know they’d like a new bathroom. You could offer them a free design service.

You could consider giving them a toolset, or a free cleaning service. Or, perhaps you could offer them the services of a local gardener for a day. You might also be able to surprise them with a home insurance discount or a free pest control service.

Chocolate chip cookies and walnuts

8. Something Sweet

Something sweet and indulgent is going to be a hit. A stash of cookies, chocolate, and brownies is never going to fail. You can even dress your gift with a few added extra. 

Personalized cushions or some, “Welcome to our new home” signs made from recycled pallets will be a superb added bonus.

Showing your Appreciation

Offering real estate closing gifts are a great way to show how much you care. It acknowledges the bond you will have formed during the house-buying purchase.

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