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Top 10 Window Treatment Ideas That’ll Add Value to Your Home

Living Room Window with Curtains

The median price of a home in the United States is $200,000. That’s no small investment.

While $200,000 will probably get you a lot more house in Texas than New York, it makes sense that you’d want to protect the value of your investment through simple home improvements.

One way to add to your home’s value is through window treatments. Window treatments play a major part in your home’s appeal to potential buyers. Staging your home for sale? You can bet that professional staging companies will place window treatments on almost every window.

Need some ideas for window treatments to make your home look beautiful and increase its value? We’ve got you covered! Read on for some awesome window treatment ideas!

Plantation shutters

1. Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are probably the most iconic window treatment out there. These window treatments adorn both the outside and inside of windows all across the country (and world).

Plantation shutters consist of slatted wooden panels that fold over when they open. Because they do not completely seal shut like blinds, they still allow a bit of natural light in your home without sacrificing privacy.

Adding plantation shutters will always enhance your home’s value because of their popularity.

Wood blinds in bathroom

2. Wood Blinds

If you love the look of blinds but want something more sturdy, wood blinds may be the right option for you. Wood blinds consist of thick, wood slats that hang horizontally from the top of the window. 

They open and close just like normal mini blinds, but are much more stylish due to their earthy color. 

Vertical blinds in kitchen

3. Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a classic and popular window treatment option. They consist of wide plastic blinds that hang down from the top of the window. They can be turned and opened to allow varying amounts of light into your home.

Vertical blinds are also a great budget option. If you’re looking to cover large windows without spending a ton of money on expensive custom window treatments, then these should be your go-to design element. Check out Budget Blinds for more information.

Roman blinds

4. Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a super elegant window treatment option. They consist of panels of fabric of varying opacity that fold flat when you pull them up. 

Most roman blinds are custom tailored to your window’s shape and size. That means that you get to choose exactly what type of fabric you want and the color. You can order them in super sheer or blackout fabrics.

Honeycomb shades

5. Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are a great solution for anyone dealing with heat loss in the winter and heat gain from sun exposure. They consist of two semi-sheer panels with honeycomb pockets woven in between the panels. These panels function to trap air coming in and out of the windows.

Honeycomb shades pull up just like typical slatted blinds, making it very easy to get more natural light in your home when you want it.

Woven Wood Shades

6. Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades are super stylish and add an earthy, natural look to any window. They are a great option when you want to optimize your privacy but also allow for lots of natural light.

These shades are fitted to your window, and slide or roll up. You can get them in a variety of weaves — closer weaves for more privacy and looser weaves for more light. Many are made from bamboo, so they’re great for the environment, too!

Drapery panels

7. Drapery Panels

Drapery panels are a great way to enhance your home’s style and overall aesthetic. The purpose of drapery panels isn’t to entirely cover up the window. Rather, they cover a portion of the window and allow natural light to come through the portion of the window that’s exposed.

Drapery panels come in a wide variety of colors and textures, making them an excellent complimentary design piece. For example, if the focus of your living room is a large, dark beige couch, you can add lighter beige panels to the windows to compliment the couch and tie the room together.

Not a fan of uncovered windows? You can easily place drapery panels over windows with blinds to achieve the same style but with more privacy.

Blackout draperies

8. Blackout Draperies

Blackout draperies are great for anyone who wants to enhance their quality of sleep or prefer maximum privacy drapes. These drapes are thick and opaque, and they are most commonly hung in bedrooms. Their primary purpose is to reduce daylight and night-time light pollution, thus making it easier for you to sleep.

This type of drapery works well for people who are shift workers and find themselves needing to sleep during daylight hours. They’re also great for city dwellers who deal with lots of city lights coming in their room at night. One extra perk of blackout drapes is that the side that faces the window is typically white, which helps block out heat from the sun. 

Sheer drapery

9. Sheer Drapery

Sheer drapery is an elegant addition to any home. Sheer drapery protects your privacy while also allowing natural light into your home. They have a soft effect on the space since they aren’t bold pieces of fabric. Most come in pastel and neutral colors.

You can add sheer panels over existing blinds if you want enhanced privacy. You can also drape them across the whole window without blinds if you prefer to allow the maximum amount of light in the room. 

10. Shaker Shutters

Shaker shutters are a bold and gorgeous choice for your home. They’re similar to plantation shutters in that they are wooden panels that fit over your windows. They are dissimilar, however, because they do not fold. 

Shaker shutters are solid panels that open straight out and do not fold into a smaller size. You’ll see most shaker shutters adorning the outside of a home’s windows, but don’t let that limit you. You can easily place them inside your home for a dramatic effect.

Living room window with curtains

Have These Window Treatment Ideas Inspired You?

Window treatments are an essential addition to every home. Not only do they make your house look beautiful and add value to your home, but they can also help make your home more eco-friendly and secure. Any of these window treatment ideas would make an excellent addition to your home!

Want more information about home improvements that’ll also increase your home’s value? Check out our blog for information about everything from tempered windows to kitchen countertops.

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