Renovate to Sell: Homes with Updated Kitchens Sell for More

Upgraded Kitchen

The median home value across the United States is $200,000. While that may be the median price, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for this amount.

There are things you can do to make your house sell for more like making sure they have updated kitchens. When you update your home’s kitchen, you are going to notice more interest in your listing. Continue reading this article to learn the best kitchen renovation practices to sell your house.

Modern white upgraded kitchen

How to Get Started with Updated Kitchens

As you’re working on updated kitchens, there are many things you need to think about from appliance removal to what type of oven you should install to sell your house faster.

Before you get started on the cosmetics of the kitchen, make sure you work on important kitchen repairs.

What we mean by important repairs is those that you must complete to safely use the home and not damage the structure. If there is a leak or flooring that needs to be fixed, you need to take care of these things before putting it on the market.

Once you have the essentials fixed, you can go on to the extras that will help you move the house off the market. When you renovate to sell, you need to think about what the majority of people are going to like. You shouldn’t put in very specific enhancements that might turn off some buyers.

Wooden counters

Counters Make a Major Difference

Updating kitchen appliances is one thing but if you want to get a real bang for your buck, update the counters. Before you take the counter out, take a look at it and make sure that it needs replacing. 

If your counter is still nice, you don’t have to replace it. Sometimes you only need to clean it, in some cases sand it, and others fix the grout. You may want to speak to a professional to get their opinion.

Counters that are not attractive will hurt the price you can get for your house. If you see that you need to replace the counter, look at your options and see what kind of deals you can get before making a purchase.

Kitchen flooring


Since you spend so much time in the kitchen cooking, you are likely to drop things on the floor. Drops can cause nicks, scuffs and other problems with your floor. See if you can replace your flooring without costing more than the profit you will make from selling the house with the updated floor.

Most home buyers will pass over even the nicest homes if the floors aren’t updated. Even though it is a simple update in many cases, most buyers don’t want to have to do any work when they first move into their new home.

Modern kitchen with shelves

Up Your Real Estate Knowledge

From learning about the best way to go about appliance removal to how to increase your curb appeal, real estate requires constant learning. Read our article about home renovation to find out whether it is worth the trouble or not.

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