The Best Listing Videos of the Week, Tropical Vacation Edition

Tropical Vacation

This is a regular feature where we showcase some excellent listing videos to help give you some inspiration and ideas for your own. If you come across any excellent listing videos please share them with us so we can feature them. You can comment here, on the forums or email us.

We’ll open this post with a video for an amazing $5 million home in the Turks and Caicos.


Pinta Lane Luxury Canal Home for Sale

This video is an excellent combination of both video footage and photos. They’re edited together so you almost don’t notice that still photos are part of the video.

In addition to showcasing the interior this video does a fantastic job showing off the surrounding area as well.

Including some video and photos of the area at night is also a very nice touch that you don’t see too often.

The only real improvement we’d make on this video is the video description. Currently there’s just a link to the listing. We’d definitely add in a detailed description with contact information and keywords.


Model Home for Sale – Mountains Edge

This video is just a simple slideshow but it’s another fantastic example that you don’t need a giant budget or advanced video editing skills to put together a great listing video.

The music goes will with the photos and even though there’s no furniture there are little touches on the walls and counters to make things feel a little bit less empty.

Excellent job including the contact information in both the video and the description. We’d highly suggest the agent ditch the Gmail email address and set up one at a personalized .com domain. Gmail addresses already look quite unprofessional and the 1 in the address means the original address without it was already taken.


Ocean Villas #218, Turtle Bay Resort, North Shore Oahu, Hawaii

Here’s another beautiful, tropical themed video. It opens with a fantastic job of showing the area and the resort.

Inside the condo they do an excellent job of showing each room just long enough. There are some nice touches like the folded towels and the lighting is great in each room.

Near the end of the video they do an excellent job of showcasing the lifestyle even though it looks like they included a bit of stock footage.

One very interesting thing to note is that there are some beautiful ocean views out the windows inside the condo. However if you look really closely at 1:19 and 1:27 you’ll see there’s no movement outside the windows.

It looks like they couldn’t get a good view on the camera so they added in a photo out the window in post. It happens to quickly that most people probably wouldn’t notice.

If you’re filming your own video and you can’t get a good view out a window you might have better luck closing the curtains. You definitely don’t need to go through the trouble of that much video editing.


Oswego Lake Waterfront – 4434 Lakeview Blvd., Lake Oswego OR 97035

Kathy Hall is absolutely crushing it with her listing videos. She have a beautiful style where she speeds up the playback of certain parts of the video to make it more visually interesting and cut back the total playtime.

The viewer doesn’t need to see the camera person walk from room to room so speeding up those parts is a very nice touch that’s not as jarring as an outright cut.

One thing you’ll notice in this video is that the rooms are shown from multiple angles so you can get a better feel for the space.

There’s also some excellent arial footage of the property as well, most likely from a drone.

The title of the video is excellent with keywords for the street and city. Always put as many keywords in your video titles and descriptions as possible. Videos get sort of an unofficial boost in the search results so it’s quite easy to get them to rank.

The only thing we’d suggest is to also add the contact info to the description of the video. I link to the listing itself wouldn’t hurt either.


Home In Lake Oswego – 17517 Oak Meadow Lane, Lake Oswego OR 97034

Here’s one more excellent video from Kathy Hall. A lot of the things we said about the previous video we can say again here.

One really nice touch you’ll notice a couple of times in this video is when it shows the view outside a window. For example at 0:52 they show a beautiful view of the backyard from the kitchen window. You’re going to be spending a lot of time working in the kitchen so it’s nice to see you’ll have a nice view outside while you do.

The background music is excellent too. It gives your ears something to listen to while not being too intense or distracting.


8555 Hedges Place, Los Angeles, CA

8555 Hedges Place, Los Angeles, CA from Interior Pixels on Vimeo.

This final video doesn’t really show off the interior of the home but it does an absolutely fantastic job of showing the area around it.

The video itself has some excellent cuts and touches to the playback speed which makes it very interesting to watch and it looks professional.

It does an amazing job at showcasing the “lifestyle” of the area with some gorgeous views of the city.

You’ll notice that there’s video of the area at multiple times of the day, dawn, afternoon, evening and night. If you have a property with beautiful views definitely consider coming back at different times of the day to just get a bit of extra footage. Especially if you can get some awesome video of city lights like they do in this one.

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