The Best Listing Videos of the Week: Autumn Scenery Edition

Listing Videos Autumn Edition

This is the first post in what is going to become a weekly feature. Every Friday we’ll feature the best listing videos from the past week.

This should give you a bit of inspiration for putting together your own listing videos. We’ll also highlight what it is that makes the video so great.

If you come across any excellent listing videos then please share them with us so we can feature them in future posts.


Luxury Real Estate home in Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii

This video simply features the home itself with no dialogue. It does a beautiful job of showcasing each room as well as the area around the home using a drone.

There are excellent little transitions such as doors opening for each room. At 1:54 they do a fantastic editing job where the projection screen drops down and video fades in.

There are also some other nice touches like having ceiling fans on so there’s a little bit of subtle movement in each shot.


Home for sale – 919 Burton Ter Glenview, IL 60025

At first glance this doesn’t seem like that impressive of a video as it’s technically just a slideshow. However we’ve included it because it’s an excellent example that you don’t need a huge budget or a lot of effort to create an effective listing video.

Right away you’ll notice the bar on the right of the video with the most important information about the property, including the MLS number and agent information.

The video itself is a simple slideshow using the Ken Burn’s effect to give it a bit of movement. This is much more visually appealing than a simple slideshow. Pretty much any video editing program like iMovie, Windows Movie Maker or even mobile apps can make a video like this in minutes.

Add in some pleasant background music and you’re done.

If you click though to YouTube you’ll notice that there’s a search engine optimized title and excellent video description. The video description has links and contact information as well as an excellent description of the home.

The final thing we love about this video is that near the end he’s included floor plans for the two floors of the house and the basement. Floorplans aren’t included nearly enough!


Westlake Pointe home for sale | 32142 Canyon Ridge Drive Westlake Village 91361

The video of the interior of this home is pretty standard with the camera panning around the rooms like most other videos.

What sets this video apart however is the use of a drone to record some beautiful video of the neighbourhood and exterior of the home.

When the home is in such a beautiful location you definitely want to showcase that as well. A video drone could end up being a very good investment.


Portland Luxury Home – 18409 Old River Drive, Lake Oswego OR 97034

Everything in this video from the visuals to the music is beautiful. First they start outside and do a fantastic job taking advantage of the beautiful autumn scenery.

Inside the home the video expertly showcases each room.

One fantastic touch they added was to speed up the video as the camera moved in-between rooms. This accomplishes multiple things. First it cuts down time that would have otherwise been wasted keeping the video short at just under 3 minutes. Second it makes the video much more visually interesting. The sudden speed increases keep your eyes engaged and are much more pleasant than abruptly cutting from room to room.

The only nit-picky suggestion we have is that they could have done a bit of a better job cleaning up the leaves outside. At the very least they could have swept the leaves off the deck.


Luxury Home In Raleigh, 2016 Parade Of Homes Gold Medal Winner

This is easily one of the best listing videos we’ve ever seen (even though we just started this feature…).

The agent narrating the video is very welcoming and does a fantastic job explaining the features of the home.

The video itself has some fantastic transitions between rooms like at 0:45 for example where the two doors open to show the living area.

Our favourite thing about this video you might not notice right away. If you look carefully you’ll notice that they’ve removed all the furniture from each room to showcase the size and shape. However if you look at the shelves and walls you’ll notice that they’ve left artwork on the walls, books on the shelves and other objects scattered around on countertops.

This makes the house look much less empty, more friendly and lived in. You still get all the benefits of seeing big empty rooms but it’s a lot less sterile and more visually interesting.

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