The Top 5 Reasons You Need to Install a Security System in Your Home

Home security system

Have you ever startled awake in the middle of the night, heart pounding? Did you just hear the door open, glass breaking, footsteps?

Your kids are downstairs. If someone broke in, they’re in immediate danger.

Do you call the police or go check on the kids first?

What if there IS an intruder? What if they’re armed? What if there’s more than one?

In the event of a break-in, you don’t want to be left unprepared.

A home security system can protect you, your family, and your home from potential threats.

Check out our top 5 reasons why home security systems are a must.

Family safety and security

1. Family Safety and Security

The most important thing in our lives is our families. It’s unimaginable to think of something bad happening.

For family safety, home security systems are your first line of defense.

While most of us would assume burglars only attempt to break into empty houses, it’s not always the case. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, occupied houses get broken into all the time.

The problem arises when the intruder is confronted by homeowners. This can cause panic and lead to an aggressive or offensive reaction from the intruder. This is where things get dangerous.

However, with a home security system, the alarm signals to the intruder that authorities are on the way, and is usually enough of a deterrent to getting them to leave.

Door handle

2. Burglary Deterrent

In a situation when a burglar breaks into an empty home, a home security system will prevent them from doing too much damage. Make sure your windows and doors are covered, as they are the most opportune places for intruders to enter.

They may be bold enough to grab a few items, but they won’t hang out for long and police will arrive promptly to secure the home.

Additionally, with extra security devices such as motion-activated lights and visible cameras, most burglars won’t even attempt the break-in.

Burglars are 300% more likely to target homes without security systems.

Asset security

3. Asset Security

Home security systems offer peace of mind about safety and security, but also asset security.

If you have valuable possessions in your home, whether sentimentally or monetarily, it’s nice to know they’re protected.

Burglars are shown to go toward the master bedroom first after breaking in because they know that’s where we keep our most valued items. Additionally, the average burglary accounts for nearly $2,300 in losses.

Remote monitoring

4. Home Security System Remote Monitoring

One of the biggest benefits of owning a home security system is that you can monitor your home while you’re away. Whether on vacation or just a day at the office, being able to check on your homes live security feed is a huge comfort.

Additionally, certain companies offer residential security services above and beyond the norm, whose guards even help carry in groceries and sign for packages!

These guards are always on alert and can be a source of contact in the event of a break-in, fire, or another emergency.

Police car

5. Immediate Authority Notification

As stated above, home security systems are designed to notify police if the security system isn’t deactivated within a time limit.

There are even glass-break detectors in case a burglar breaks through a window. However, there are also tempered glass windows that can effectively slow down any intruder.

If you wake up to a break-in in the middle of the night, most likely, your security alarm will scare them away. Moreover, as the system notifies police for you, you can focus on getting your family collected and safe until they arrive.

Home ownership

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Owning a home can be one of the greatest joys of life. However, homeownership also comes with a lot of responsibilities. Investing in a home security system can relieve you of the responsibility of safety and security for your home and your family.

This will give you room to focus on other aspects of homeownership, such as landscape renovations and bathroom remodeling!

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