How to Choose the Perfect Realtor Closing Gifts (And Why You Really Need To)

Preparing Gifts

You made it – you successfully connected with new clients, searched for and presented property listings to them, negotiated the contract, and closed the deal!

Now, you probably have your sights set on starting new deals or on closing other pending contracts. Before you can divert your attention, though, you need to present your recent home buyers with a closing gift. In fact, you should do this before the day of closing if you’re able.

Realtor closing gifts enhance the entire home buying experience. They boost your credibility and professionalism and pleasantly surprise buyers. They’re simple to take care of on your end, but make a world of a difference for your clients. 

However, it’s essential that you get the right closing gifts for your clients and that you do so for the right reasons. The following is a list of client closing gifts you can’t go wrong with, as well as a deeper explanation of why this matters so much. 

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The Top 5 Realtor Closing Gifts to Get Clients

The only thing more impactful than an amazing gift is a generic let-down. That’s the unfortunate reality of human nature – people remember negative experiences more strongly than they do positive ones. In terms of you and your business, this means it’s more likely that a client with a negative experience will turn other buyers away than it is that one with a positive experience will bring more business to you. 

You have to give your best effort when putting together client closing gifts. Here are 5 gifts to choose from if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas. 

1. Thoughtful, Unique Home Necessities 

Did your clients just buy a house with a pool? Does their new property have a big yard that they plan to upgrade the landscaping on? 

If so, get them the tools they need to maintain special features or complete high-priority projects. For new pool owners, a starter pack with things like chlorine, water level testers, and a pool skimmer can go a long way. For handy homeowners, tools like personal safety equipment or basic home improvement items will make a big impression. 

2. High-Tech Home Accessories

Here’s something all homeowners are sure to love: anything high-tech that makes life at home easier. You may choose to buy a new Bluetooth speaker for your clients, a starter home security system, or an intuitive air conditioning system. Either way, they’re bound to use this tool a lot more than you may think!

They may even get additional smart home accessories. All you have to do is introduce them to how simple and efficient life can be with a little help from the right devices. 

3. Furniture and Decor

Closing gifts don’t get more personal and thoughtful than furniture and decor. This is the ultimate gift if you’re an agent who likes to make genuine, lasting connections with your clients. Not to mention, there’s no limit to the kinds of gifts you can buy within this category!

Maybe you buy a brand-new electric mixer for the homeowner who mentioned she’s excited to bake in her big, welcoming kitchen. Maybe you buy a pair of patio chairs for the newlyweds who want to spend a lot of time entertaining outside. Maybe you invest in chic bean bags for expanding families to use for function and fashion in their new home. 

The possibilities go on and on. All that really matters is that you use the information you’ve gathered about your clients to come up with a furniture/decor gift that truly wows them. Remember, it’s not about the price of the gifts, it’s about the value they’ll get out of it. 

4. Gift Cards to Local Restaurants and Entertainment Centers

This is the least personal of all closing gifts on the list, but it’s still a fun option worth mentioning. If you don’t know what to get clients for them to enjoy in their home, give a gift that helps them connect with their new area! Put together a packet of places they have to check out as they settle in, and get a few gift cards to help make these things more accessible. 

Your gift cards can be for anything from the locally-owned cheap pizza place to the unique high-end steakhouse downtown. They can be for family-friendly activities or adult-friendly date nights, relaxing spa days or active outdoors entertainment, and more. The better you can match these gift cards to the interests and hobbies of your clients, the more meaningful this closing gift will be to them.

5. Flowers and a Welcome Mat

When in doubt, go with a classic closing gift for homeowners like flowers and a welcome mat. For being such a simple gift, it’s incredibly heartwarming.

The welcome mat is one of the first things your clients will see when they come home every day, and the flowers will help make an empty house with a bunch of boxes start to feel like home. Together, these items will tug right at your clients’ heartstrings and help them remember you in a very good light. 

To make this gift even better, add on a box of homemade baked goods or a bottle of wine (or two) for your clients to enjoy. 

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The True Value of Closing Gifts

No matter what you choose as your go-to closing gift for your next (or most recent) sale, make sure it’s for the right reasons. You may have worked hard for your commission, but this client just made one of the biggest decisions of their life in choosing to buy a new property – and in selecting you to guide the process.  

As such, the main purpose of this gift should be to show your genuine appreciation for their trust in you and to celebrate their moment. The fact that this is also good for business is the cherry on top. 

Keep reading for a closer look at the true value of homeowner closing gifts. 

They Show Just How Much You Care About Your Clients 

Every buyer in the market understands that real estate agents do everything they do in order to earn their commission. This idea is in the back of their mind every time you go above and beyond for them, even when you present your closing gift. 

But, the closing gift is different from things like timely responses and being reliable because it’s unexpected. This is a task you don’t have to do as a real estate agent or realtor, but that sets you apart from the rest when you do take it upon yourself. It shows you have a genuine interest in creating the best home buying experience possible and that you’re thinking beyond the sale.

Not all real estate professionals have this perspective. They may joke with their clients or send a thoughtful text on moving day, but this is what really leaves a lasting impression on your clients. The closing gift lets them know that they’re not just another commission, but rather that their business is valued and appreciated. 

They Boost Excitement and Lower Stress for the Upcoming Move

When was the last time you moved into a new home? How often have you seen clients run into moving issues after they’ve closed on a sale? 

Moving stress gets the best of most new homeowners, but you can prevent it from affecting your clients by presenting them with a thoughtful closing gift. The gift will brighten their day when it’s time to move and things go wrong, and it will make them significantly more excited even when everything goes as planned. 

No matter what happens as boxes are unpacked and items organized, your gift will stand out among all the other things in your client’s home. It will remind them of why they bought the house in the first place and keep them motivated to get it all set up. 

They Can Generate More Business

The final reason why it’s worth investing in closing gifts is that these are actually an investment in your business. The happier you can make your clients, the more likely they are to tell all their friends and family about your services. They won’t just talk about how much they love the backdrop in the kitchen or the layout of the living room, but that you played a crucial role in helping them find their dream home. 

Before you know it, you’ll be getting more and more business, all from doing a little more for your clients. How great is that?

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How to Take Your Real Estate Business to the Next Level

Buying realtor closing gifts for homeowners is just one of the many things you can do to elevate your real estate business. There are all kinds of growth opportunities available to you!

All you have to do is research what’s out there and focus on a handful of viable options. Whether you’re looking to improve how well you market yourself, how many clients you get each month, or how big your average commission is, it’s time to get to work. 

Check out these marketing tips to help you expand your brand in your area’s real estate market. 

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