The Best Ways to Use Natural Stone to Increase Home’s Value

Kitchen with natural stone and brick

Natural stone is one of the best ways to make your home look better and increase its resale value. The cost of natural stone can be somewhat higher when compared with other materials. However, in the long run, its beauty, longevity, and authentic appeal are completely unmatched.

Natural stone won’t break down over time. It’s there to last for the long haul. Whether you decide to make changes on the inside or outside, natural stone will definitely add beauty and value to your home. In this article, we’ll offer some great suggestions on some of the best ways you can use natural stone.

House exterior with natural stone

On The Outside

Adding natural stone to your home’s exterior will definitely make it appear more stately and elegant. With a limestone facade, you can add a real “wow” factor to your house. You will also create a sense of opulence and luxury that simply can’t be matched with brick or other common materials. 

Vertical Spaces

By covering vertical spaces with natural stone, you’ll add a warmth and texture that’s unparalleled in the neighborhood. The finished look will not only feel exceptionally indulgent but projects can be completed in a relatively short time.


A wide natural stone walkway leading to your front door will accent the front of your home and make it appear more luxurious and stately. Natural stone adds a timeless appeal to walkways, steps, and even windowsills

Beautiful outdoor patio


The durability of natural stone makes stone paving perfect for creating low stone walls around the sides of a corner of your rear patio. This can create a sheltered corner area where you and your friends can congregate. It makes the area look more inviting and changes the look of your entire backyard.

Curb Appeal

Spruce up your home’s curb appeal or update the looks of your current home for your own enjoyment by using natural stone. Incorporate stone into planters or other landscaping projects and you will always add value and uniqueness.

Kitchen with stone countertops

Inside The Home

The Kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen with natural stone is worth the effort and investment. You will add new life to any area of the home, but the kitchen will usually benefit the most. Your kitchen is usually considered the most valued space of your home and it’s worth investing in when you want to remodel.

Natural stone will add value with beautiful new kitchen countertops. Add an attractive eye-catching backsplash or think about adding stone to an island or any cooktop area. 


Adding natural stone to your bathroom is a great idea for this high-traffic area. You can place stone in the shower, the floor, or add a stone vanity top to increase the value immediately. 

Additional details can include shower seats, inlays, backsplashes, or other inlays or accents. These will definitely give the value of your home a boost. 

Bathroom with green marble

The Master Bath

The master bath is an excellent area to spruce up with natural stone when you want to increase your home’s value. Natural stone and lighter color tones will create a spa-like atmosphere in your home. Natural stone and lighter color tones along with simple lighting accents can all combine to achieve this effect. A marble tub deck will add an additional spa-like feel.


Often a natural stone backsplash will be all you need to add a big impact to any area. Replace an old builder grade backsplash in your kitchen with a more contemporary marble splash. This will keep it in line with the new style of your home.

In the bathrooms, a natural stone backsplash will update the space quite a bit. It will also help to move the focus away from the tub surround or counters and make a huge difference overall.

Kitchen with stone counter tops


One of the biggest impacts you can make in any renovation project is to replace your old laminate counters with a vibrant new one made of natural stone. This will immediately lift the space and create a warmer and more inviting look to any room. In addition, the added luxury will increase the appeal to potential buyers.


Natural stone flooring will definitely add value to any home. As long as you are comfortable with cleaning and maintaining the floors, nothing compares with the matchless beauty of a natural stone floor. And, because natural stone has exceptionally high heat retaining properties, it will deliver a practical value as well.

Granite is very popular for kitchen floors, for both its wide range of designs and colors in addition to its strength and durability. While granite is considered a higher-end product, many homeowners will look for it as a feature they desire in their home.


The front entryway to your home is the first impression a visitor gets of how the rest of the interior will look. When you design your interior space to be elegant throughout, then you need to have at least a taste of that in your home’s entryway. 

Entryways are great places to put a decorative natural stone insert in the floor. It will create a unique feel for the overall space and become a statement to help create the design aesthetic of your entire home.

Living room with fireplace and stone tiles


As long as you live in an area where a fireplace can often be useful, fireplaces are becoming a big trend in today’s housing market. A natural stone fireplace will make an enormous impact in the looks of your living room or den. Choose a stone surround just below the mantle to give it an extra special effect. Or, you could decide on a sleeker floor-to-ceiling installation. Also, a natural stone facade for a fireplace will also definitely make a huge impact.


Adding natural stone to any area of your home will automatically increase the visual looks and overall value of your home.  Spend the time and energy necessary and the results will be amazing. Whether you decide to update the outside of your home or just a room or two, the value and stunning visual effect of natural stone cannot be missed.

Nicole Andrews is the marketing manager for Euro Marble in Sydney, Australia. With a background in interior design, she enjoys writing about the latest industry trends. In her spare time, she walks her dog Rusco down at Bondi Beach.

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