Time to Leaf: 5 Questions to Ask Before Removing Mature Trees from Your Property

Large mature tree

2019 is projected to be a big year for home sales with over 5 million existing homes estimated to change hands. If you’re thinking of making your home one of those 5 million via selling this year, you’ve got a lot to consider before you list your property.

Are you working with a good agent? Is your property in good condition? What are you going to do with that massive tree growing in your backyard?

Expanding on the subject of trees, they can be an often forgotten yet big-time liability when it comes to selling. This is particularly true of mature trees.

If you’re thinking about cutting down overgrown trees on your property before listing your house, below are a few things you should consider prior swinging an axe.

Tree in the winter

1. Does the Tree Inhibit the Function of Your Home

The first thing you’ll want to think about before investing your time and money in cutting down mature trees is if the tree inhibits the function of your home.

Some trees that are overgrown make it hard to navigate around yard space. Others have branches that threaten to damage your roof.

Perhaps the most severe issue with mature trees is what they’re doing underground. Large trees have a tendency to grow massive root systems which can crack the foundation of a home.

Bottom line – if you’re noticing that your mature trees are making your property less livable, they may be worth cutting down.

Healthy tree

2. Is The Tree Healthy?

Some buyers might love the idea of having a large tree to come home to every day. Especially buyers with kids who’d enjoy the prospect of building a tree house or doing similar activities.

If your mature trees are unhealthy, no matter how much buyers may love trees, they’ll prefer that you give them the chop.

Sick trees shed. They attract pests. Their heavy branches are prone to breaking off which can cause a safety hazard.

Have a professional deduce whether or not your tree is still in good health. If they advise that you should cut down your tree because it’s sick, you’d do well to take their advice.

Trees around a house

3. Is Removing Your Tree a Good Investment?

Your mature trees may seem like a big deal to you, but will your buyers feel the same way? Is there a possibility that if you didn’t mention your tree at all that buyers would ignore it and not factor it into the offer they make?

If you think that your tree isn’t really going to sway buyers either which way, don’t spend the money to cut it down. Trying to fix “problems” unnecessarily will just eat into your profits.

Tree cutting, especially for larger trees can be expensive. It requires crews of people to come to your home and spend a weekend cutting your tree into small pieces and hauling it off your property.

Save yourself a headache if you can.

Read more here about the tree cutting process, why you might consider it, and costs.

This tree means something to this girl

4. Does The Tree Mean Something to You?

Most people look to cut down their mature trees before selling because their real estate agent advises them to. While your real estate agent might be looking out for your best interest as far as offers are concerned, few are concerned about your emotional attachments.

How will cutting down your tree make you feel?

If your tree represents something special to you and you prefer that it stay on your property, let your agent know. A good agent will always work with your wishes.

We’ve known home sellers that have put in their sales contract that buyers must keep trees on the property in place in order to buy the house!

Path of trees

5. Is The Tree a Valuable Asset During the Summer?

A lot of people who are selling houses during the fall are particularly enamored with the ideas of cutting their mature trees down. We assume that this fixation comes from the frustration regarding the amount of shedding large trees subject homes to prior to winter.

If you’re letting your temporary frustration with your tree influence your tree cutting decision, consider the value the tree adds to your house during other times of the year.

Summer, in particular, can be especially harsh in some areas. Having a large tree which could provide shade to a whole backyard might be a feature buyers are actually looking for.

Don’t let seasonal annoyances fuel your chain saw. Think about your tree holistically, weigh its pros and cons, and make a decision that makes the most sense.

2 large mature trees

Wrapping Up Questions to Ask Before Removing Mature Trees from Your Property

The home selling process brings with it a lot of questions and stressors. If you’re finding yourself asking questions and getting stressed out about mature trees on your land, we hope that our tips above have added clarity to your situation.

If all else fails, have a heart to heart with your family and your real estate agent. Doing so can help you fully understand the monetary and emotional impact tree cutting could have on your situation.

The more informed you are, the more comfortable you’ll feel about your final decision.

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