Demonstrating a Life of Luxury: 7 Living Room Staging Tips

Living Room Staging

How do you take a living room from mundanity to luxury?

86% of buyers say that a staged living room is vital to their buying decisions. For a seller, it can be a struggle working out what buyers want to see.

Below are 7 living room staging tips to show off your room’s luxury.

Bookshelves in a living room

1. Louder than Words

A room with distinctive features has the power to speak for itself. Built-in features like bookshelves can attract buyers if you highlight them well, as can original features like fireplaces.

Show the best side of these features by freeing them of clutter. In the case of storage, a few tactically chosen items can show it off.

Natural lighting in the living room

2. Shed Some Light

We’re hardwired by evolution to prefer natural light in most scenarios. That little slice of psychology can serve you well when staging a room.

Your chosen window treatment might smother natural lighting. That’s great for watching TV on a sunny day, but less so for staging a room. Make sure your windows do the heavy lifting.

This trick also works well if you’re staging an empty house.

Bright yellow colors

3. Hoist Your Colors

Color psychology has been the target of many studies over the years. It’s no surprise that something so fundamental to the human psyche plays a key role in interior design.

Pick a unifying color scheme for your room to show off its best side.

Leather sofas

4. Retro or Retrold?

There’s nothing like outdated decor to make an interior space appear drab and tired.

Staging your living room might require an update to furniture. If your sofas are a stuck in the 80s, then your whole room will be, too. Overhauling them with some modern leather lounge suites, for example, could transform your chances of selling the property.

Deep Clean

5. The Deep Clean

Cleaning is never the fun part of redecorating or moving home. But when it comes to staging, it’s vital.

Carpets, sofas, and other soft furnishings all need to look their best. Only a deep clean will expunge years of grime.

Cleaning might even extend to a fresh lick of paint on the walls to hide a multitude of sins.

Pillows and accessories

6. Accessory to Furniture

As in fashion, accessories can elevate even the simplest design.

In a staged living room, accessories range from sofa throw cushions to lamps to neutral ornaments. All of these can draw the eye or highlight other features, increasing the apparent luxury of the room.

Art on wall

7. Art Attack

Art is, of course, a matter of taste. Art can act as that final element that brings a room together, but in staging, it can have the opposite effect if it’s not to buyer’s tastes.

You can’t predict whether visitors will like your choice of art. But you can work to make the art you display in your living room neutral. Staging might not be the time to break out the experimental pieces.

Apartment living room

Living Room Staging Made Easy

These simple tips should help make living room staging easy. When you make staging easy, you make your life easier, too. You can enjoy faster home sales and take some of the anxiety out of the process.

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