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How to Set Up the New Pinterest Showcase for Your Business

The New Pinterest Showcase

Pinterest recently introduced a new Showcase feature that lest businesses feature a collection of pins and boards on the top of their profile.

Businesses can use this profile to:

  • Highlight their most important content
  • Promote sales (or open houses and listings)
  • Or feature anything you’d like your audience to see first

Setting up the showcase is actually pretty easy, here’s how to do it.


Setting Up Your Showcase

The first thing to do is to check and see if you have the new showcase. It’s been slowly rolling out but by now it should be available to everyone.

Take a look at the top of your profile. If the Showcase is available you’ll see something like this:

Pinterest Showcase Screenshot

To get started, click on that big red plus icon. You’ll end up seeing something that looks like this:

Edit Your Showcase

The Pinterest Showcase will create a slideshow with 5 slots. Here you can select which board you’d like to feature in each slot.

Click on the drop-down arrow for a slot and you’ll see a list of your boards.

List of Boards

Then simply select which board you’d like in that slot.

Ready to Save

When you’re all ready click the red Save button.

You’ll be back on your profile with the new Showcase set up and that’s it!

Showcase Finished

Here’s how the Showcase looks on mobile. Note that it takes up all the space above the fold so make sure you highlight your most important boards.

The Showcase on Mobile

The showcase is essentially a slideshow of up to 5 of your boards. It’ll show each board for a second or two before sliding to the next one.

Each slide will feature a big cover image on the left and 4 smaller images of the most recent 4 pins on that board.

If you don’t have a cover image for the board it’ll show 4 more images of your most recent pins instead.

You also don’t have to use all 5 slots if you don’t want to. You can feature four, three, two or even just one board in your Showcase.


Showcase Tips

The first thing you should do is create a cover image for the boards in your showcase (if you haven’t already).

Using a cover image will give the Showcase a more consistent look. The cover will always be there while the other images will change as you add more pins.

The Showcase already stands out at the top of the page and the cover is another opportunity to make your boards stand out even more.

Since the cover image is square it’s best to create a square image probably at least 1,000 x 1,000 pixels.

If you add any text make sure it’s very easy to read.

Feel free to include logos or any other part of your branding as well.

Make sure those boards have a good, eye catching title that explains what the board is about.

Pinterest is a visual medium and the Showcase definitely looks better with a consistent look like in this example:

Showcase Example

Or in this one:

Showcase Example

Both these examples use the Showcase to show off their own style and personality.

This agent used the Showcase to feature something very unique to her market and audience.

Showcase Example

Feel free to create boards for specific listings and add them to your Showcase as well.

Just remember that while a little bit of selling is ok on social media going too far and adding only sales related content to your Showcase will not be received well.

Have you set up a Pinterest Showcase that you’re proud of? Post a link in the comments and let us take a look!

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