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5 Advantages of Building Your Own House

Building a Home

Are you thinking about purchasing a new home? Learn about the advantages of building your own house versus buying one that’s already on the market.

Those who are on the housing market might be wondering if building your own house is worth it.

We’re here to say that it is.

Not only can building a house save you money, but it can provide multiple benefits you may have never considered.

Last year, it took an average of 8.1 months to finish a contractor-built home once they started construction. It takes even longer for owner-built properties. For this reason, it’s important to start planning your new home right away.

Start Fresh

Start Fresh

This benefit refers to the money-saving opportunity involved with buying brand-new appliances, housing upgrades, and customization options available to those who are building a house.

How expensive is it to build a house? The answer varies on your location, materials, and customization preferences. You should expect a custom home to cost you around $100 to $400 per square foot.

This cost is offset a bit, though, by the fact that you won’t need to upgrade any appliances walls, plumbing, or electrical equipment for years.

You may not even have to upgrade anything for as long as you live in the house – depending on how long you plan on living there.



Building versus buying means you can customize everything to your specific needs. You can outfit your home with stylings from Holland Homes, for instance, and not have to remodel again in the future.

Your interior and exterior will be exactly the way you envisioned it would be, and you won’t have to make many concessions.

Instead of trying to fit all of your ideas into an existing property, you get everything the way you want it up front.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

If you already know how to build your own house or are exploring the possibility, then you probably know about solar panels and other energy efficient options.

Energy efficient appliances and additions like solar panels will save you money but require high upfront costs to install on an existing property.

Building your own home means you can add these elements immediately.



You can choose to have an open backyard if you like mingling with neighbors or have the entire property to yourself. Building a home allows you to choose how much privacy you want to have.

Buying a home means you have to consider privacy as a plus. A perfect home doesn’t always have a private yard, but your constructed home can.

Living Room

It’s Yours

This benefit is a bit more abstract than the others, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless.

Building a home means it will be your home. You will be the first person to live in it and are responsible for its position in the first place.

Building a home creates a certain kind of value you can’t find on the housing market.


Building Your Own House

Building your own house comes with several benefits that you can’t find by buying an existing home. You should consider the possibility, even if you’ve never come close to building anything in the past.

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