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Marketing Advice for Brokers: 9 Real Estate Social Media Ideas to Win Clients

Stars and Reviews

Did you know social media and real estate marketing go hand-in-hand? If you’re a broker, here are 9 real estate social media marketing ideas.

Are you aware that having a great real estate company website can only take you so far? You also need a little social media assistance. Social media and real estate marketing go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Being able to strategically market yourself will help you bring in customers that you might not have gotten otherwise. It doesn’t take long for someone to make their decision to use your services or not, and social media can depict your unique message more so than just a website can.

Here are a few real estate social media strategy ideas that you can incorporate on to your page.

Stars and Reviews

1. Add Reviews and Other Services

Reviews and testimonials can be one of the best methods of real estate marketing. Make sure to allow clients to post reviews on your page.

In terms of offering services, you could let potential clients set up their appointments or ask you questions by sending you a private message. It’s convenient and they will remember that if they decide to do a review on you.

2. Create a Group

Teamwork makes the dream work just ask the Turner Investment Corporation. You can create a Facebook group so your past clients can post in it to help your new ones through their selling or buying processes.

Groups are not only great for your clients but they create unique networking opportunities for you. Professionals in the field might hop into your group at any time.

Cover Video

3. Use a Cover Video Rather than a Picture

A cover video can grab the attention of a potential client a lot faster and more effectively than a cover photo can. The reason why it’s so it’s so attention-grabbing is that it will start playing as soon as your page is clicked on. If they thought about navigating away, they might stick around to see what the video is about.

The video should be short, tell the viewer what your mission as a real estate company is, and have a call to action at the very end.

4. Go Live

If you go live at a property before you put the listing up, it might help it get more attention when you do list it. It will catch interest because viewers will feel like they are getting an exclusive scoop into the house.

It can be fun for you and fun for your audience as well. Obviously, you want the video to be as engaging as it is informative. Maybe play on the inside scoop thing with loud whispers, like you’re sneaking around. It’s Cheesy, but kind of fun.

Chatbot on Desk

5. Use a Chatbot

Do you notice that you tend to get a lot of similar questions throughout the day? If so, then you might benefit from setting up a Facebook chatbot. It can quickly answer common questions that you come across.

These quick answers to questions will satisfy customers and save you a little time in the end honestly. This doesn’t mean that you completely ignore customer’s questions though. You still have to semi keep up with what you’re being asked.

6. Your Photography Should be Top Notch

You want to make sure any pictures that you have of houses on your social media will make your viewers want to live there. Ask yourself if you would live there before you post it.

Professional photographers can be expensive and if you can’t hire one that is perfectly understandable. You should at least invest in a high-quality camera and teach yourself a little about the craft.

Sponsor an Event

7. Sponsor an Event

Sponsoring an event that you care about humanizes your company in a way. It lets your audience see that you’re engaged in the community. Your followers will pretty interested in the pictures and videos you post from the event as well.

It will cause a ripple effect because people who attended the event will inevitably post pictures to their social media which will grab you even more attention.

It also gives you the chance to hand out fun promotional items that again, attendees will take pictures of while wearing it.

8. Celebrate a Milestone

People love getting attention. Imagine how flattered a client would feel if you create a post celebrating their one year in a house that you sold them.

It’s a great way to make your page feel that much more personable. Potential clients will see these posts and not only feel that you care about your clients but see how happy the people in the picture look. They’ll want to grab a little bit of that happiness for themselves too.

Gain Their Trust

9. Gain their Trust

Some part of your real estate social media marketing strategy should be dedicated to giving free information or advice for potential clients. This will show them that you at least have some expertise in your field.

If they can see that you know what you’re talking about, they will be more likely to buy or sell a house with you. If you’ve been doing everything else we’ve talked about plus this, it will be a cinch for you to draw in client trust.

Your Guide to Real Estate Social Media

Creating a website is just step one to your marketing process. You need to incorporate real estate social media into it to really bring in clients. There are many ways to do this but it boils down to gaining their trust and letting them see that you’re more than a company, you’re part of the community.

We talked a lot about uping your social media game on Facebook but not too much on other sites. For ways to be successful on Twitter, visit our blog.

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