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We encourage all members to share their knowledge and experience with the community by writing articles that will be published in our blog.

You will receive one contextual link in the body of your article that you can link back to your own website. Each article also has an “about the author section” where you can write a short bio about yourself and include links to your website and social media accounts.

Vendors are encouraged to submit articles as well but please note we do not allow contextual links to products, sales or squeeze pages. You are free however to include a link to your product or sales page in your author bio.

If you are interested in including contextual links to products, sales or squeeze pages please contact us about publishing a sponsored post.

To submit an article please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Rules and Article Submission Agreement

1) Articles must be relevant and valuable to our community. Articles not directly related to digital marketing or the real estate industry may still be accepted provided the provide value. For example productivity or sales tips.

2) Don’t submit an article that is too similar to an existing article on our site. Please do a search first to determine if someone has already published an article about your topic.

3) By submitting your article you grant us a royalty-free perpetual license to publish, modify, reproduce and distribute your content while you retain the original copyright. In addition to this website we may also publish your article on social media accounts, email newsletters and other locations.

4) We reserve the right to edit your content at our sole discretion as well as include images, links and other media.

5) We are under no obligation to either edit or delete your article once it has been posted.

6) The article you submit must be an original unpublished work created by you where you own the copyright.

7) You cannot submit an article that has been published elsewhere. Once your article has been published on our website you are free to publish it on another website provided that you add the following code to the head section of the page:

<link rel=”canonical” href=”The URL of the article on our site goes here in-between the quotes” />

This is to keep search engines such as Google from thinking that we stole content. If you need help with this please contact us.

8) You will receive one contextual link in the body of your article to a relevant page on your own website providing that it is not a sales, product or squeeze page. If you would like to link to a page like this please contact us about publishing a sponsored post.

9) We do not provide any compensation for your submission. This form is for member who feel they would benefit either personally or professionally from having their content published on our website.

10) We may benefit commercially from your content.

11) As this is a professional community please submit your full name to be included as the author of your article. If you wish to remain anonymous a pen name is allowed as long as it sounds like a legitimate name.

12) We cannot provide any analytics data about the performance of your article.

13) This is a public website so please do not include any private information with your article. You are solely responsible for any legal repercussions or liabilities that might result from your content being published on our website.

Our editorial committee has the right to publish or decline any submitted articles at its own discretion.

If you would like to check your article idea before writing to make sure it will be accepted feel free to contact us first.

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