Community Rules and Frequently Asked Questions

Community Rules

This website is a professional community so please keep your interactions with each other professional and follow the below rules which are pretty reasonable.

1) Do not post content that is hateful, demeaning or discriminatory to gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, age, marital status, disability, political affiliation or national origin.

2) Harassment of users is not allowed. We encourage our users to engage is civil discussion and users are free to disagree with each other but activities such as stalking, doxing, threatening or violent posts and sending abusive private messages will not be tolerated.

3) This website is safe for work and we do not allow adult content to be posted.

4) Keep your posts professional and relevant. We’re pretty lenient about what is posted to personal user pages and the general forum but outside of those areas please keep everything related to digital marketing or the real estate industry and posted in the correct forum.

5) Do not post spam, this includes but is not limited to: chain letters, unwanted advertising, pyramid schemes, Links to your own products and services etc.

6) Do not post anything illegal or promoting illegal activities.

Posts that violate these rules will be deleted without notice and the user’s account may be banned as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about how something on this site works? Check here first. If your question isn’t answered please contact us.

How do I change my profile image?

Navigate to your profile page using the drop-down menu on the right of the main menu underneath your username.

Click on “Change Profile Photo”.

If you have a Gravatar already associate with the email address you used to sign up for our site it will be used as your profile photo by default.

You can also upload and crop a photo on this screen. Make sure to click the “Crop Image” button or your new profile image won’t be saved.

How do I change the cover image on my profile?

Navigate to your profile page using the drop-down menu on the right of the main menu underneath your username.

Click on “Change Cover Image”.

Upload your new cover image.

The size of the cover image is 1200px x 225px. It’s best if you crop and size this image yourself for full control over how it looks.

If you upload an image with a different resolution it will be automatically scaled and cropped to fit in the space.

How do I add a user to my friends?

Navigate to our Members page by selecting “Members” from the “Community” drop-down in the main menu.

Click the “Add Friend” button to the right of the user you want to add to your friends.

You can use the search field at the top of the page to search for an individual member.

You can also send friend requests by visiting the profile page of a member by clicking on their username and then clicking the “Add friend” button to the right of their profile picture.

How do I create a group?

Select “Groups” from the “Community” drop-down in the main menu.

Click on “Create a Group”.

Enter a name and description for your group.

Select whether you want it to be a public, private or hidden group.

Select which users will be allowed to invite other users to the group and click “Next Step”.

If you would like this group to have a specific forum you can check the box here, then click “Next Step”.

Upload a cover image for this group. This works just like the cover image for your profile. Be sure to click “Crop Image” to save your changes, then click “Next Step”.

Upload a cover image for your group page. This works exactly like the cover image for your profile and will be scaled and cropped to 1200px x 225px.

Select which friends you would like to invite to your group and click Finish.

You can access your group from the Groups page.

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